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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mendhi & Sangeet

Welcome to the South Asian focused blog by Oliveaire Artisan Events and Meetings. We hope you will enjoy our tips, tricks and trends.

Event Architect Mahvish Bhatty will kick us off, giving some adivce on Mendhi & Sangeet...

Mendhi and Sangeet are the highlights of the wedding weekend. Mendhi, more commonly, is a ladies only event where the bride gets henna done on her hands. Sangeet, is a pre-party, and a relaxed informal event where the Bride and Groom can enjoy the company of family and friends, while enjoying great food and music. Sangeet was predominantly a ladies only event, but with the passing time, the way of organizing Sangeet has changed as it’s now open to male relatives and friends. Below you will find some tips on decorations, the latest music trends, and how to maintain bridal henna (Mendhi).

Sangeet and Mendhi Decorations Tips
• You may resort to the traditional way of decorating your venue. For that purpose, stick to the colors schemes that reflect the ethnicity of the Indian/Pakistani culture. Colors like orange, maroon, yellow and shades of red can best serve the purpose.
• Choose a color scheme and stick to it. For instance, if you have chosen maroon as the color for your Sangeet party Décor, then decorate the venue with items that are maroon in color. You may also bring in variation by choosing two shades of the same color, for the venue.
• It is always best to hire a décor vendor so they can make the event look traditional, and the arrangements have been done professionally. A lot of couples tend to skip out on the décor vendor for their Sangeet and Mendhi nights, but it is important to work with a vendor, so you are not relaying on family to do the decorations.
• Marigold is one of the chosen flowers for festive occasions in India. For the Sangeet/Mendhi party, you may decorate your venue with garlands of marigold.
• Another popular item is having a swing on the stage, and lounge furniture which brings the exotic element of the event. Be sure to stick to your color theme while ordering lounge furniture.
• Traditional look can also be given to the place by using drapes with heavy embroidery and mirror work.
• If you want to impart a western look to the decorations, then make use of colors including pastel shades of green, blue, pink, peach, sea green or mauve. Exotic flowers like orchids, lilies and carnations can also be used for the Décor.
Music Trends
• With passing time, more and more families are hiring professional Bands for the Sangeet/Mendhi Party. The band consists of singers (male and female) along with drummer and rhythm players.
• Another hot trend is hiring a DJ who plays the latest songs within your choice of course, and this becomes a necessity since many of the bridal party members and friends would like to perform a dance for couple on this night.
• Besides a professional band and DJ, couples are also hiring a music instrument player such as Sitar and/or Tabla. This makes the evening much more festive and ethnic. Hiring a sitar and tabla player along with the DJ makes the perfect combination, and nowadays most vendors are versatile.

Here are some tips to ensure that you (Bride) enjoy your Mendhi ceremony:
1) Get your manicure done the day before – Mendhi takes a few days for the color to sink it. Getting the manicure after the Mendhi is applied will affect the richness of the color. So pamper yourself and get a nice, relaxing massage of your hands and feet before applying the Mendhi design!

2) No oils on your skin –Your skin should be well moisturized, but do not put any oils on your skin before applying the Mendhi.

3) Get your Mendhi applied before the actual Mendhi party- this allows you to be stress free at your own celebration and gives you the ability to mingle and watch as others get their Mendhi applied. Also, everyone will admire your beautiful design!

4) After the Mendhi is applied –soak the dry paste with a mixture of lemon and sugar. The Mendhi should be left on for about 6-8 hours. Then scrape off the Mendhi with a blunt object. Do not wash the areas with water for at least 24 hours. Avoid all chlorinated products and anything alkaline (of course this no longer applies on the honeymoon!)

Hopefully these simple tips will bring out the vibrant colors of your Mendhi design and bring lasting prosperity to your marriage!