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Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Token of Appreciation

It is very important to thank your guests for attending your wedding festivities. One of the most common ways that bridal couples thank guests for their attendance is by giving them a favor at the wedding. Like all aspects of a wedding, favors vary greatly depending on the couple’s style and budget, from something small and traditional like a small tulle wrapping of almonds to something as elaborate as a scarf or doll, sometimes from their native country.

Anyone you ask about favors will give you their opinion, and each of those opinions will be very different. Here is what I can tell you after attending more weddings than I can count, as a guest and as a planner:

Photo Courtesy of theknot.com

If they can’t eat it, your guests will probably forget it:
Those beautiful little votive holders, dolls and coasters set at each guest’s place at the table will catch their eye, and they will all talk about how great they are. However, after all of the dancing, and possibly a few celebratory cocktails, you will find most of those favors left behind.

I have found however, if you give your guests a little treat, you will not have as much leftover. Why is that? My best guess is that people either eat them during speeches, between courses, during dancing, or pick them up on their way out for a snack on the way home. Favors such as candy bars, truffles or cookies are great munchies and you will not find many are left behind.

If your heart is set on giving a special treat to your guests, assign a family member to hand them out as guests leave.

Honor Your Guests:
Some Brides and Grooms chose to honor their guests by making a donation to a charity close to their heart. This is a beautiful way to give back, and make your guests feel special. One couple I know made donations to several charities, and indicated which charity they selected for each guest on their place card. Another Bride made a donation to the cancer society in memory of her deceased mother. Just be sure to put a sign in a frame or on display so your guests know that you have thought of them. If you decide to donate to charity in lieu of favors, choose with your heart and connect with your purpose.

Photo Courtesy of theknot.com

Overall, don’t break the bank. A favor should be a token of appreciation to your guests, thanking them for taking time from their busy lives to celebrate your love and the beginning of your new life. You can consider adding a sweet table, or late night munchie station, for your guests to enjoy by moving your favor budget to accommodate the expense. If you come up with a great idea, and you think your guests will remember to take it home, go for it. After all it is YOUR big day.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

What TO Wear

To me, the best part of being a bride in the summer are all of the vibrant colors and unique fabrics you can bring to your wedding, specifically in your attire. Brides, as you start deciding on the colors and styles of your trousseau, here are some bridal trends that continue to be popular:

Brocades, silks, georgette and chiffons.

Photo provided by CharismaIndia

The plain Ghagra style is no longer to be seen. It is now replaced with the likings of the A-line or Mermaid style, which is crafted to give the bride a feminine and sculpted look. The blouses are short with longer dupattas.

The color to adore this season is pink, in shades pale to deep. Brides, be sure to pick the proper shade to compliment your skin tone.

Photo provided by CharismaIndia

Traditional zardosi embroidery is being taken over by kundan, mirror, and Swarowski crystal work.

Photo provided by CharismaIndia

The trend is now to blend the traditional with the contemporary. While each of us likes the traditional colors and styles, the key is to add the new era of fashion to the existing expectations. A few things to keep in mind: fabric, style, embroidery, and color are each important individually, but also together. You don’t want to use a fabric and style that won’t suit your body type, or choose a color that will not compliment you, on and off camera. When a brides walks in the room, heads should turn and guests should think "This bride looks amazing, head to toe!". As the generation changes, more emphasis is placed on having a unique sense of style, wearing something no one has worn before. There are many options available these days for a bride to make an outfit her own, and something no one else has. Remember, the way you look at your wedding, from head to toe, will be captured as a memory that will last longer than a lifetime. Make sure you are more than happy with what you have on!

Finally, remember ladies, you should wear the trousseau, the trousseau shouldn’t wear you!