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Oliveaire provides the hospitality industry a channel to explore the ethnic event market influenced with culture and tradition. Clients are able to depend upon our knowledge and understanding of the unique needs of the customs, meal preferences, and accommodations generated by these events. Our team, with its ethnic background, has been our cornerstone in provding our clientele the best service in the wedding and special event market.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

It CAN be easy being green

Are you an eco-enthusiast who tries to keep green in all aspects of your life? Or do you just try to be kind to the earth where you can, when it’s convenient?

No matter what your commitment to being friendly to the planet there is no denying that your wedding will have an impact on the earth. We have had the opportunity to see Zina Murray, from Logan Square Kitchen, speak a few times about the environmental impact of events.

The top emitters of greenhouse gases (in order) are transportation, venues, meals and waste.

When it comes to transportation remember that direct flights give off 25% less emission than those with layovers. As the host, give consideration to how your guests will travel between your events, or if it’s feasible to have your ceremony and reception in the same location.

We all know that we have to feed and hydrate guests. Think about what you are serving your guests, and where it’s coming from. Illinois imports 90% of it’s food. By working with your venue or caterer to use locally grown, or produced, you help the economy and the environment. One significant way to reduce the negative environmental impact of your event is by asking your venue not to serve bottled water.

Still not convinced that we all need to do our part? Google Pacific Trash Vortex, we’re sure you’ll be convinced then.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to Logan Square Kitchen or City Provisions and their dedicated team can provide you with further information.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Beauty in HD

If you are looking at cutting edge technology for the videotaping of your event, you will find that many studios are now recording in HD. What does that mean for you? With high definition technology instead of just seeing a hundred pores, we can see a million pores and specks on our faces. I can understand why a director would like to show an action film or sports action in “high-def.” The details are unbelievable to look at, the clarity and the movement are so flawless. Just remember, movie industry insiders have their tricks.

A reporter or actor, male or female, cannot just go in front of the camera without putting on makeup. The shine on their faces could blind us. Let’s be honest now, as an audience, we critique their images like there is no tomorrow. We are as harsh and strong as the studio lighting that is focused on them. I guess it’s the fact they cannot hear us through the screen or they’re celebrities or it’s our own insecurities. But I digress.

The digital cameras and video cameras that will be used for your wedding are fast and clear. As a bride, how do you deal with it?

Make it easy on yourself and consult with a makeup artist that has experience (and plenty of it) applying makeup for print ads or commercials. Ask questions. Ask them to do a makeup trial on you, then have someone photograph or videotape you with a high quality digital camera. If the artist is good, he or she will know how to match your skin tone and type, if they should use air brush or not, use a mattifier to minimize pores, use mineral powder or pressed foundation, just to name a few options. The application of lipstick is also important. However, one of the “must do’s” is to use a concealer. Using a concealer brush, instead of your hands or a sponge, is much better because you have better control on the coverage. The makeup artist has the tools, and the supplies, to tackle the job of enhancing your natural beauty, making it last for hours of crying, dancing, and hugging and most importantly, keeping you camera ready.

You may need to consider retaining a makeup artist for a couple of days. If you have hired a professional videographer to record the several parties surrounding your wedding you will want to be camera ready for each of those events. Trust me, it will be well worth the expense to know that you look your absolute best on the videos you will watch for a lifetime.

Photo credit to R.E.M. Photography

Why go through all this? Because you want to look flawless on your wedding day. However, remember that flawless doesn’t mean some commercial definition of perfection. Sometimes what you think of as your “flaws” are what make you beautiful and perfect. The lines that appear when you smile, that mole, the freckles, those little things about you that add to why your fiancĂ© fell in love with you. So do yourself a favor and don’t hide everything. HD should capture your tears, the flow of your gown, that first kiss as husband and wife, and the real you.