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Oliveaire provides the hospitality industry a channel to explore the ethnic event market influenced with culture and tradition. Clients are able to depend upon our knowledge and understanding of the unique needs of the customs, meal preferences, and accommodations generated by these events. Our team, with its ethnic background, has been our cornerstone in provding our clientele the best service in the wedding and special event market.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Style File

Bridal trends are always changing and adapting to today's bridal couples. Here are some of the hot trends we're seeing as we get ready to say goodbye to 2010 and hello to 2011:

Design Studio
Mandap a Trendy Transformation

A wood craved mandap speaks of culture and tradition. But in 2010, a contemporary design will be influenced in creating mandap designs. Our Creative Director, Tina Marie, tells us taht fabric transformation with modern elegance will definitely be seen more in the upcoming years. Brides are looking for the non-traditional look, at the same time respecting their heritage and religious representation. The newest "Glitterati" mandap at Oliveaire was designed specially to cater to the progressive chic brides. With a fabric canopy, crystal columns and raining orchids it will create the glamour and opulence of a dream wedding. Brides are choosing bold colors and styles that are beyond the traditional red, orange and white. We have created mandaps that are semi-customizable allowing the bride the luxury to select her fabric colors with a mix and match palette.

Mandap’s that are transformed with flowing fabrics and flowers, with a touch of bling, will be the fashion trend for upcoming nuptials. Indian weddings are fashion forward and can push the boundaries of creativity. Floral Designers are inspired to create a one of a kind ceremonial ground that will speak to the bride and groom's personality. Branding your mandap is the trend for upcoming weddings, as Brides add flair and signature essence to their Big day.

Dressing your man

When it comes to wedding fashion, grooms are definitely overlooked. A much deserved hub-bub is showered on the Princess bride and her trousseau, but sadly enough not as much on the Prince. The fashion world is in tune with men’s clothing now more than ever before. Top Indian designers Manish Malhotra, Neeta Lulla, Manish Arora and Rocky S are few that tailor to the modernized blend of Indian and Western fashion.

Brides, don’t you want your groom to look debonair standing next to you? Be sure to complement your bridal collection to his stylish cut Sherwani accessorized with paagris (head wear), moojris (footwear) and dupatta (scarves). Style up your man as he is the Prince Charming you have waited for.

Photo Credit to R.E.M. Photography

For the men’s only fashion visit amara, undoubtedly stylish and chic in menswear or visit Bargello, an online Indian boutique that caterers to all your fashion needs.

Planning Tip
Set up time

Prior to designing your floral d├ęcor, check with the venue on the access to your ballroom space. If you have an elaborate set up, or the vendor is limited on staff, it may require more than two hours of set up time (which is the typical time allowed by busy venues). Setting up a mandap, backdrop and aisle ware can take as much as 4 to 6 hours.

Progressive Modern Fusion Indian Cuisine

The next generation of Indian cuisine, with artistic presentation, has finally arrived. The biggest complaint about making Indian food modern or stylish is the sacrifice of the ethnic taste. Serving only one course of plated Indian meal pales in comparison to the lavish buffets that can be offered at weddings. At Oliveaire we have partnered with Gaylord Fine Indian Cuisine and Phil Stefani Signature Events to serve traditional Indian cuisine, with an artistic presentation.

A heavenly six courses of culinary experience, with course after course that will wow the most discerning palate has taken center stage. If a bridal couple is looking to be trendsetters and definitely fall onto the foodie group, this Indian Fusion menu was made for you.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Mehndi Inspired Wedding Cakes

Mehndi, better known as henna in the U.S., is an ancient art form that originated as a way to decorate the body for special occasions, like weddings. The mehndi ceremony takes place a few days before the wedding, at which time the bride’s hands and feet are covered in elaborate designs by a mehndi artist.

Mehndi is both a beautiful and important part of South Asian wedding tradition, that you can incorporate in your special day! Not ready to turn your hands into a canvas in the name of design for your big day?

Why not use your cake instead? A mehndi inspired cake design is a unique way to add a touch of class and sophistication to your wedding. Check out some of the ways in which brides have given this ancient art a modern twist!

Although wedding cakes are not considered a traditional part of an Asian or South Asian wedding ceremony, they are becoming increasingly popular, as western traditions are infused into the traditional Indian celebrations. Typically, South Asian wedding cakes incorporate elaborate designs and intricate details with Henna patterns. As you can see in the montage of photos below, the Indian wedding cakes that I found online not only incorporate traditional patterns and designs, but also vivid colors that are associated with traditional South Asian weddings such as red, purple, bright pink, and orange.

Be sure to speak to the bakery or pastry chef about what you are looking for, and see a sample of their colored frosting so you have a realistic expectation of what your cake will look like.