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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Top 2015 Spring Wedding Trends!

As we approach 2015, it is time to plan ahead for those of you who are engaged & planning on marrying the love of your life in one of the upcoming spring months!  Based off of the runway, trending topics, what our Brides have inquired about & what we have seen become a very popular request for this particular season, we have compiled a list of the Top 2015 Spring Wedding Trends! 

2015 Spring Wedding Dresses
  • Off-the-Shoulder Necklines
    • This beautiful, delicate & romantic style of Wedding Dress is the one we are most excited to see our Bride’s wear next year!  Everything about this style is timeless & looks amazing on all Brides!
  • Tulle is Back!!
    • Incorporating Tulle to a Wedding Gown is back in style for 2015!  Now, we are not talking about a big tulle Cinderella Dress… we are talking about a slight incorporation of Tulle in a slick& amp; modern way!  If you have however always dreamed of a ball gown, you can incorporate this trend by wearing a ruched tulle ball gown!  Vera Wang has been an ambassador of this upcoming Wedding Dress trend!
  • Embrace the Cape!
    • We saw it all over the runways & award shows, and now Wedding Dress Designers have embraced the Cape & incorporated it into their creations!  If you are a modern Bride, we highly recommend this spin on a veil!  It is so sleek & edgy, & we cannot wait for our trendy brides to wear this down the aisle!
  • Shades of Blue, Mint Green & Gray… O My!
    • In 2014, we saw that if a Bride wanted something unique & did not want to wear an all-white Wedding Gown, Blush was the way to go.  This year, believe it or not, we are seeing that Bride’s now will be choosing shades of Blue, Mint Green and even Gray!  It sounds unheard of, but take a look at this blue dress, and you cannot help but love it!
2015 Spring Wedding Colors 
Strawberry Ice
Classic Blue
Lucite Green
  • Some other Spring Color Trends that we love are:
    • Soft Lemon, Pearl, Leaf Green, Orchid Tint, Marsala, & basically anything Pastel!

2015 Spring Wedding Flowers
Between Floral Arrangements & Bouquets, Spring 2015 is all about softness, femininity & romance!  We have been seeing & have found requests for Pastels in every shade & color!  From your soft pinks/blush to your pastel yellows, greens & blues, these colors are trending & should look absolutely stunning when incorporated into Wedding Décor!  Some specific flowers we have seen trending for 2015 are Hydrangeas, Orchids, Hyacinths, Garden Roses, and of course the ever-popular Peonies. 
2015 Spring Wedding Cakes
  • The Sequin Cake
    • Sequin Cakes are just jaw-dropping!  They bring a “wow factor” that grabs everyone’s attention and really takes the spotlight in the room!  Not only are sequin cakes trending for Spring 2015, we are particularly seeing them in the colors of Engagement Rings!  The one shown below is in Rose Gold, but we are also seeing Gold & Silver Sequin Cakes trend as well! 
  • The Metallic Cake
    • Sticking with the topic of Engagement Ring colors, it looks like Metallic Cakes are trending even more in the upcoming year, & we cannot get enough of it! 
  • Attention Boho/Vintage Brides:
    • The Naked Cake is still trending for 2015!  As the Boho theme becomes more & more popular, the Naked Cake will rise along with it!  It gives a very simple & classic vibe & is perfect for the natural Bride!
  • Sick of Fondant?
    • Well it looks like most 2015 Brides are too!  Right now Buttercream Cakes are taking the lead in how a cake is covered!  It still looks absolutely gorgeous… and not to mention tastes better! 
2015 Spring Wedding Food Trends
  • Self-Serve
    • We are still seeing that Self-Serve stations are one of the top trends again for 2015!  Guests love the fact that they can go up & choose & create whatever they would like.  Examples of these are “Build Your Own Sundae Bar”, a Smore’s Station, Create their own Popcorn bar & much, much more!  It is a very cute & personal idea that all guests will appreciate!
  • Locally Sourced
    • Food being sourced from local farms is still a growing trend as well for 2015.  We saw this increase in 2014, and it looks like this beneficial & healthy food service is being requested to Chef’s even more!  This would be perfect for the Boho/Vintage Weddings, and can be played up with rustic décor like wood, wildflowers, mason jars & more! 
  • Comfort Foods
    • Again for those of you who are the Rustic/Boho/Vintage Brides, incorporating Comfort Foods into your menu is a perfect way to go!  These items should be simple, plentiful & are items that most of your guests should know. Great examples of comfort foods that could be served at weddings are soups, cheese & cracker stations, mac n’ cheese, meat carving stations, potatoes & breads. 
  • Food Trucks
    • Food Trucks need to put it in park as a Wedding Trend, because they are here to stay!  For the last few years we have noticed Bride’s & Groom’s incorporating their favorite foods by having their favorite food truck either during their cocktail hour for appetizers, or even providing Late Night Snacks!  Either way, it is a very cute idea, and one that everyone will love & remember! 

Spring 2015 Weddings are going to be absolutely magnificent!  After taking a look at these upcoming trends, we cannot wait to see what our Clients have in store & what amazing ideas they would like to incorporate into their Special Days!  2015 looks to be the year of romance, softness, femininity & of course, love!
BBFN (Bridal Bliss For Now),

Thursday, December 4, 2014

How to Plan the Best Themed Wedding!

Are you doing a certain theme for your wedding? Need some guidance to get your ideas organized? Well let us take the time to go over the basics to help sort things out for your special day!

Pick your Theme

I know that this step seems the most obvious, but it can also be the toughest.  Your theme should be something that both you and your groom love.  If you need help thinking of different possible theme ideas for your big day, ask yourself some of these questions:
  • What is something (or even somewhere) that you both enjoy?
  • Do you both love a certain time of the year? Or even, would you like to plan your Wedding around the season that it’s in?
  • Did you meet in college/high school?
  • Have the same favorite author/book/movie?
Your answers can lead to mounds of possibilities! You can have a Winter Wonderland theme, a Christmas theme, a Carnival theme, a Beach theme, your College colors (or Fraternity and/or Sorority colors) could be the inspiration, or you can be captured by popular novels & movies such as The Hunger Games and The Great Gatsby, and turn it into something classy for your wedding day!

Once you have chosen the perfect theme for you, you can then go ahead and choose the perfect venue, invitations, favors, décor & so much more! 

Pick your Date & Venue

Depending on your theme you may or may not have to focus on a certain time of the year.  For example, if you chose a Fall theme or even a Halloween theme wedding, then sometime in October/Early November would be the best date for you. However, if you are doing a College theme wedding for example, the time of the year may not be as important. Brainstorm together and really think of a venue that will really transport you and your guests into the atmosphere you were dreaming about!  

Also, if your venue depicts a certain theme, such as a library, a literary theme wedding may be a great choice!  Or if you would like your event on the beach, the “beach theme” or a “tropical theme” would probably be your best choice.  Remember however, if you choose a venue first, this will more than likely depict your Event Date. 

It's All In The Details

The Colors:
  • When you picture your theme what colors stand out the most? You should at least have 1 primary color, 1 Secondary color, and an Accent color.
  • Some ways to help you pick these colors are:
    • Complementary Colors (these colors are opposite each other on the color wheel, such as blue and orange, or red and green.)
    • Analogous Colors (these colors lie next to each other on the wheel, such as green, lime green, blue-green.)
    • Monochromatic Colors (these colors have variations of the same tone, such as bright red, dark red, etc.)
  • Once you have picked these colors please keep them in mind when making your decision for the other details of your wedding. For example your table clothe colors, napkins, centerpieces, flowers, and even for some brides, makeup and nails should be taken into consideration.
The Attire:
  • Your theme will also directly affect what you & your bridal party will be wearing on the big day!  If you decide to go with a beach theme & your Wedding will be on the beach in the middle of July, you do not want to be wearing a large “Cinderella” gown, filled with tulle & layers.  You will want a light, flowing dress that is perfect for a warm summer day!  This goes for your Bridesmaids, & even your Groom & his Groomsmen as well!  They will want something flowing, something light & something they can breathe in.
  • Also, think about your colors as well!  If you are planning a Christmas Theme wedding for example, having hot pink dresses may not be your best option.         
The Food & The Wedding Cake
  • The Food & the Wedding Cake can also be an intricate part of your theme for your event!  The time of year, the temperature and the location itself can determine what you would like to serve, and what the flavor and the look of your cake will be!  If you are having your wedding on a hot summer day, try not to serve as many hot items… if at all, or just the opposite for a cold winter’s day! 
  • Also, don’t forget to incorporate your colors, flowers & intricate details to your Wedding Cake! 
The Flowers:
  • Your colors will have a direct effect on your flower choices and your flower options will vary depending on the time of the year.
  • Get creative with them! Add fun materials to your flowers or even have them created with different materials.  For example, you can have some flowers in your bouquet made out of the pages of your favorite book (a great idea if you’re doing a literary themed wedding).
The Invitations:
  • Set the mood of your theme right from the beginning!  Incorporating your theme to your invitations will allow your guests to know what your event is all about and possibly what to wear!   
The Tables:
  • Now there is nothing wrong with just using numbers to label your tables!  But if you would like to do something unique, you can label your tables in a way that correlates with your theme.  For example, we planned a Wedding that had a “Chicago” theme this past summer.  To incorporate their theme in their table numbers, they named each table a restaurant that brought them fond memories of their relationship that you could only find in Chicago: The Signature Room (where they got engaged).  It was a very cute idea that all of the guests adored! 
The Wedding Favors
  • Giving out Wedding Favors is not a required detail, but it could be a nice enhancement to your tables, it is a very nice gesture for thanking your guests for attending, and even better… it could incorporate your theme in a very cute way! 
  • Looking for unique & cute favors to give your guests? We love www.etsy.com!

These are just a few of many details that you can incorporate your theme into!  When you decide on your theme, remember to encompass all of your event elements with these details so that your atmosphere on your Wedding Day is exactly what you envisioned! 

 BBFN (Bridal Bliss For Now),