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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Going Green by Going Local

  In the year 2012, brides everywhere have been going green in multiple different aspects of their wedding.  Eco-friendly weddings are the most trending theme this year and brides, planners and designers are coming up with creative ways to stay true to the environment on this special day.  One of the most important details that your guests will most appreciate, is what is being served for the reception meal.  When researching about these “green” themed weddings, we noticed that these bride’s were turning to sustainable and local sourcing to cater their meals.  Not only are they two ways that are great for the environment, but chef’s everywhere have been coming up with tasty and creative recipes that you and your guests are sure to be pleased with. 

Local and Sustainable Sourcing: What is it?
            By using local sourcing, you are going to caterers and businesses in your community and buying their supplies and services in order to serve your guests at your wedding.  Not only are you helping the environment, but you are also benefiting your community’s economy.  If the environment is very important to you, buying locally supports it because it protects the air and water, it minimizes energy consumption and it enriches the soil.  There are many benefits to using local sourcing when creating the meal that will be passed out to all of your guests.  Now on to the other type of sourcing: Sustainable Sourcing.  Sustainable food is mostly similar to local sourcing, but with a few differences and a few more benefits to your guests and the environment.  Sustainable sourcing means you are receiving food that is healthy and does not harm the environment at all because it is completely pesticide and chemical free and guarantees that hormones were not used during the growing process.  Local foods can be grown this way, but it is very rare to find a place close to home where chemicals were not used.         

The Positives to Using These Sources
            Obviously, helping the environment is the most important reason to use local and sustainable sourcing when catering your meal.  It helps all aspects of the environment including the air, water, soil and how the animals are being raised.  The economy has also been a struggle for most these last few years, so by reaching out to local businesses, you are helping not only their financial situation but the economy of your very own community.  Another positive to local sourcing is that you are staying local.  You will not need to travel far for a tasting or pay shipping and storage costs because it will be available to you very easily.  Not only does this save you time, but it also saves you gas and the environment from gas pollution in the air.  One important selfish but smart reason for using either of these sources is that it can save you a lot of money.  It is less expensive than most foods and you will not have to worry about shipping or storage fees because everything is grown near you and will be nice and fresh by the date of your wedding day.  With so many positives to choose from, how can you not choose a way that not only can benefit you and your guests but the important environment and community around you?

With Many Positives Comes a Few Negatives to Consider
            Even though the positives outweigh the negatives, there are a few things for you to consider and research before making a final decision.  Depending on where you live and where your wedding will take place, it could take some effort to find the right food source that can give you exactly what you are wishing for.  Research is key when it comes to finding your perfect source that also shares the same knowledge and respect for the environment as you do.  One last negative could be creating menu options that make sure that you and your guests will be satisfied.  If you are working with a caterer, this might make things a little easier, especially if this caterer specializes in eco-friendly meals.

Local and Sustainable Menu Options That Could Surprise You      
            With today’s creative chefs, there are many different choices you can have when it comes to menu options and using local and/or sustainable sourcing.  Your cake for instance can actually be created with these sourcing options.  If you are thinking about a country theme for example, pies might be the perfect choice for you.  By using a local market or farm, you can either purchase or make these pies yourself for the perfect dessert for this theme.  Other environmentally friendly options could be a fruit cake, carrot cake or even cupcakes.  Wine is another surprise delicacy that can also help reduce a negative impact on the environment.  Now for the main course, we recommend choosing chicken, fish and even vegetarian dishes to serve to your guests.             
By choosing these healthy and eco-friendly options, you are not only serving your guests something they will appreciate but it will be a fresh and creative option they most likely have never seen before. Americans are starting to change the way they eat and live, so why not correlate this to what you serve your guests on your wedding day.  


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Why Hire a Planner?

You may have always dreamed about what your wedding may be, or perhaps it feels like your engagement ring must have magic powers, making your wedding the only thing on your mind. As your daydream becomes more vivid, filled with crystal and floral details you likely are NOT thinking about how this dream becomes reality. After assigning a budget, and hiring all of the vendors comes the real work, coordinating all of the details and executing them. Somewhere along the road though you will stop and wonder “When did planning this wedding become so stressful?” Simple, as your dream becomes reality, you want everything to be perfect and it is hard to put your trust in others to make that happen.

Often times the tension leading up to the big day is so enormous that brides cannot wait for their wedding day to be over! Brides miss out on the opportunity to spend cherished time with friends and family, take in the magic of the day, savor each moment as they promise their lives to their new husbands and simply enjoy themselves.

Much of this stress is alleviated by hiring a professional to handle the execution of your wedding. Planners often have a variety of planning packages to accommodate your wishes. They can stand by your side from the beginning advising on vendor selections, or come in during the few months leading up to the wedding to coordinate all of your details. You do not want to burden your close friends or family members with these responsibilities. You want them to have fun too!

Here are just a few responsibilities a planner should take off of your place:
  1. Load in / Load out – your planner will confirm that vendors are arriving on time and providing the services you paid them for.
  2. Point of contact – you wont have twenty different people coming up to you, you will only have one! Your planner.
  3. Less Clutter – Planners are organized and will keep all of the information, from you and all of your vendors organized.
  4. Communication – Planners will tell people (your wondering new mother-in-law, the groomsmen who just needs one more drink) where they need to be, and what they need to do in a professional manner. You won’t want to be stern to get them lined up for your entrance, but planners have a way of making this happen.
  5. Acting as a sheild – Parents tend to be extra sensitive during your big day. The napkin layout might upset your mom, the clothes the DJ is wearing might offend your dad. At the end of the day, you don’t have to hear about it, your planner will listen to your family, talk to your vendors, and make sure you don’t hear a word about it.

Let your day be filled with love, laughter, happy tears and memories to last a lifetime!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Is Mini the NEW Big Trend?

           No one can argue that food is one of the most important parts at a wedding.  It is something that can set your wedding apart from others.  The big trend in 2012 is to have mini foods in all parts of the big day.  Whether it is during the cocktail hour, the reception, or the after hours, brides everywhere have been incorporating mini foods in a fun and creative way.  From mini pies and sliders to dessert shooters and mini cocktails, mini foods have been trending and we believe is a cute idea that is easy for your guests to eat and pretty easy on the budget.

            Examples of mini foods that have been used at previous weddings can go on and on.  Depending on the vibe you were desiring for your wedding, there are many great and unique choices out there for any type of event.  During the cocktail hour choices range from little salt-rimmed margaritas and mini coca cola bottles to blueberry martini jello shots and mini crab cakes.  For the reception dinner, couples can choose to have mini steaks to mini meatballs with a small spaghetti portion on top.  The cake can also be miniaturized by serving mini cupcakes or small individual cakes for each guest.  And for those who are having late night wedding receptions and want to serve after hours snacks, the variety does not have an end.  Mini tacos, sliders, bite-sized grilled cheese sandwiches, and espresso shots topped with mini doughnuts are just to name a few.  Basically, if you dream it, it can be miniaturized. 

            Saving money never hurts right?  Well whether you serve mini delights in a buffet setup or have it served butler style on trays, mini foods are a very creative and less expensive way to feed you and your guests. They also allow a maximum assortment of different foods and flavors into your menu that can satisfy anyone’s appetite.  Mini foods also can easily incorporate cultural foods and traditions into the special day.  Whatever the reason and the use of these tiny treats, this unique style of food can be a focal point and conversation starter at any wedding event.     

BBFN ( Bridal Bliss For Now),

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hot Tips on Keeping You and Your Guests Cool in the Heat

The outdoors, the sunshine, the clear skies and the warm temperatures, all make summer the most popular season to have a wedding.  Outdoor wedding venues can be absolutely breathtaking, but what we do not always realize is that Mother Nature can be a bit unpredictable.  Temperatures can rise and alter the atmosphere of a wedding.  We have found many hot tips to keep you and your guests cool on your wedding day.  By considering and preparing for this potential weather hazard, you and your guests can be cool and comfortable in the scorching heat. 

Tip 1: Clothing
            Like I said before, Mother Nature can be very unpredictable.  If your wedding date is set in the summer, or your location is set in a tropical place where the weather is known for its heat, prepare yourself with your clothing.  Some popular fabrics that we found that is worn in the summer by men and women are Batiste and Charmeuse.  Batiste is a lightweight, soft and transparent fabric, and Charmeuse is a lightweight, semi-lustrous, soft fabric that is satin-like to the touch.  You do not want a heavy fabric when it is 80-90 degrees outside, it will only make things hotter.  Stick with lightweight fabrics and also warn your guests about the potential weather so they can choose appropriate clothing as well.

Tip 2: Venue
            When choosing an outdoor venue, make sure to consider a couple things before you make the final decision.  In case of heat, most importantly make sure there is a place for you and your guests to cool off in.  This is a must to consider if you have guests who are sensitive to the heat.  Also, make sure there is a room for the bridal party to go to before the ceremony to get ready and relax before it starts.  An important thing to also remember is that there should be some shade on a portion of your seats for your elderly guests to sit during the ceremony.  Another tip about your potential venue for you summer brides, is venues near a form of water such as a lake or ocean give a slight breeze that could help the temperature that day (This also makes for beautiful pictures). 

Tip 3: Food and Beverages
            Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate some more on a hot summer day.  Make sure you and your guests are provided water, iced tea, lemonade and other non-alcoholic drinks during the ceremony and reception.  This is extremely important especially when alcoholic drinks are being served as well.  A creative way to incorporate these drinks is by using mason jars and putting them on a decorated table where your guests can easily access them at any time.  Food is also an important factor when it comes to heat during a summer wedding.  No one will want to be served hot appetizers on a hot day.  A cute way to incorporate “cool” foods into your wedding day is by using another popular trend this year, Food Trucks.  Food Trucks can be used in multiple different ways.  An ice cream truck is one of the most chosen during summer weddings and can provide your guest’s favorite cold treats such as ice cream and popsicles 

Tip 4: Timing
            If you really want to be sure the heat will not be a negative factor during your special day, scheduling can be key. Setting or adjusting your time of the ceremony to be later at night or making sure the ceremony is shorter than normal, can really help avoid your guests being overheated and uncomfortable.

            Tip 5: Nifty Things that Can Keep You Cool
                        There are many unique and interesting ways to keep the heat under control.  Using large fans and misting stations can really help your guests escape the temperature for a few moments at a time.  Another option is to pass out “Be Kool”.  “Be Kool” is a soft gel sheet for your guests that brings down body temperatures and lasts about four hours.  Guests can place these on the back of their necks so it can be somewhat discrete and will help cool them off.   Also, a new popular trend for summer weddings is to make your program into a fan.  This way they can see the schedule of the event in a unique and useful way.  Parasols are also another trend in the summer months for weddings.  These parasols can come in many shapes and colors that can match any color and theme of any wedding.  By using any of these techniques, it can turn a 90 degree day into a much cooler one that all your guests will appreciate.

Program Hand-fans can be ordered from: http://www.hand-fan-factory.com
When you look back on your special day, you want to remember happy and fun memories with your friends and family, and not look back to guests who were grumpy and exhausted from the heat.  By being creative and over prepared, you can create a summer wedding that is an unforgettable moment, with unforgettable people, in an unforgettable setting.