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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Modern Day Mandap: How to Personalize it

What do you imagine standing under while taking your vows to your future Husband/Pati?  Do you see crystals?  Or maybe flowing drapes with floral elements?  When it comes to the modern day Mandap, there is not a set of rules Indian brides are following anymore.  Sure you want to follow some of the traditions of the Mandap, like what it symbolizes for instance, but you also want to make sure it symbolizes who you are as a couple.  Maybe you want your wedding to be clean cut and extremely modern and go towards a crystallized Mandap.  Or you want a romantic and whimsical feel and want to go with a fabric Mandap.  The Mandap is one of the most important ingredients of every Indian wedding ceremony, so make sure the Mandap you choose fits who you are and the style you want to accomplish during your big day.

Decorating Your Mandap:
Cultural traditions are very important when it comes to decorating the Mandap.  Traditional Mandaps are usually made of wood, have four pillars, and are decorated using kalashes, garlands of mango leaves, coconuts and banana leaves.  Also, traditional colors in the past have been more in the red and yellow families.  But with today’s modern Indian bride, she tends to go a more modern route while incorporating traditional elements as well.  From past events we have worked on, Mandaps have come in every shape, size, color and material you can imagine.  The below photos show some examples of different types of Mandaps we have done in the past.  The photo on the left incorporates the traditional colors and shape of a Mandap but also has the floral and fabric elements that give it a modern twist.  The middle photo really shows how to turn a traditional Mandap into a classy and whimsical one that truly showed the bride’s personality.  The blue fabric is something we are seeing more and more of lately, and the addition of the flowers and chandelier truly make this Mandap one of a kind.  And last but not least, one of the most unique Mandaps we have had, is the last photo on the right.  From the use of just crystals, the up lighting, the three pillars and the shape, all make this Mandap different from the rest.  Today’s Indian brides are not afraid to make a bold and modern statement when it comes to the centerpiece of the ceremony, and all examples definitely look sensational.        

The Mandap is a sacred place where all the rituals take place and is where the couple takes a vow to be together as one.  When it comes to choosing the style of Mandap you would like, make sure to choose carefully and make sure it is exactly what you would like.  The Mandap is in the center of all the activities on your special day, so remember to have it represent who you are as a couple and the love you have for one another.  Just most importantly remember there are no limits when it comes to decorating your Mandap, be as modern and out there or be as traditional and conservative as you would like, after all it’s your big day.  

Bridal Bliss for Now (BBFN),

Friday, March 22, 2013

Choosing a Centerpiece

Your flowers will be a sizable investment on your wedding day.   Your guests will admire your flowers at the ceremony, but most of all at the reception.  Your reception centerpiece can capture your guests’ attention, with interesting details and beautifully placed flowers. And from experience, we highly recommend to have some sort of florals on the placecard table as well as some accented touches on the high boys and cocktails rounds. And don’t forget the most important area, the sweet heart table on the stage!  Here are some thoughts on designing trendy and creative centerpiece that will captivate your guests:

Collection of Vases

A popular design, as well as budget friendly.  Using a collection of cylinder or square vases of varying heights will give the table dimension.  A monochromatic color palette will give you a sleek contemporary look.

Wrapped Vases

If colored vases are not offered by your florist, choose to wrap them in eye-catching fabrics.  A thick border ribbon, crystal ropes or layering with shimmer paper stock will highlight texture in an otherwise flat vase.


Nothing sets the mood like candles.  Setting pillar candles in a mosaic candle holder, or floating candles in crystal dishes, can accessorize your table.  If possible, use colored votive holders that will match your event color palette.

Potted Plants and Herbs

Beautiful and earth friendly.  This aromatic display of greens can easily be incorporated into any design.  The best part is that the guests can take them home to enjoy and reminisce about your wedding day.


As it is at any event, the lights in the room will be dimmed.  This is most certainly going to give you romantic ambiance.  But it is a deterrent to your centerpiece.  Add an illumination box that can uplight your centerpiece, from the bottom up.  If your budget allows, definitely pin spot, at a minimum, your high centerpieces.  After all, it is the crown jewel of the evening.

Your personal touch will brand your centerpiece.  Exquisite details will certainly keep your guests raving about your flowers.  We hope you will take more chances with your centerpieces, we are always inspired by out of the box design ideas.

BBFN (Bridal Bliss for Now),

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Blending Cultures

So what is this fixation upon Bollywood-style and other exotic weddings?  First and foremost it is the opportunity to do something different and daring.  The rituals, Indian music, vibrant shades of orange and red, beautiful saris and the tradition of henna-painted hands, etc. add an element of spice to a well-worn formula, a bit like ethnic food and music would to our daily lives.  Chicago has always been ahead of the times when it comes to a cultural twist on events.  Take a stroll down Devon St. and see all the beautiful
Indian & Pakistani Influences.

Here are some style tips if you would like to add a cultural Indian influence to your wedding event:

Style Tip 1       
Using Metallics in your invitation adds unexpected sparkle, and sets the tone for your magical day.

Style Tip 2
Get creative with your centerpieces.  Cultural weddings are amazingly colorful events.  A floral elephant is a work of art that people will be talking about for months.

Style Tip 3
Use crystal and jeweled accents in your décor to instantly add glam to any room and transport your guests to a faraway place.

Style Tip 4
Pick a colorful sari if you are comfortable wearing one, the colors are limitless.  If not embellishments such as a colored sash, or ruffles and flowers on your traditional wedding dress count can really add an exciting element to your event.

Style Tip 5
Snake jewelry is not only a must-have fashion trend, but also worn for good luck and good health. 
Perhaps, there is an underlying myth that these culturally rich marriages are more stable because non-western cultures have superior family values.  In any case Bollywood inspired weddings have enormous crossover appeal into our western society, and it is easy to add an element of rich culture to your wedding if you desire.  

The most important element to remember; a Bollywood theme has one aim and objective, and that is fun! Find some great entertainment and go out there and have fun with your culturally infused ideas.  

Bridal Bliss For Now (BBFN),

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Choosing the Right Transportation

How you arrive and leave your wedding can really say a lot about you and your fiancé and the tone you would like to set for your big day.  In 2013, we are seeing a variety of different ways to arrive and leave in style.  When choosing your transportation, matching your theme and who you are as a couple is very important.  If you are aiming towards a traditional and romantic vibe, then maybe choosing a limousine or a vintage car would be the best choice.  Or if your wedding is more about having a great time and is towards a modern theme, then choosing an exotic car could be the way to go.  In the year 2013, there are no boundaries.  Just make sure that the transportation you choose matches the theme and tone you are trying to set from the moment you arrive, to the moment you and your new spouse drive away to a Happily Ever After. 

The Limousine
                Traditional, romantic and convenient are all reasons to pick a limousine as your transportation to and from your wedding venue.  Even though the black and white options are still available, today they are not just the stretch limousines we have grown accustomed to.  Limousines can come in any shape, size and color you can ever imagine.  Limousines now come in the structure of just about any vehicle, including a Semi!  And not only can you choose the structure of your limo, but you can choose the color.  Have you and all of your bridesmaids pull up to your wedding in a stretch pink limousine, and have your fiancé choose his and his groomsmen’s transportation as well… maybe a black Hummer limo, or even a silver Semi.  Not only do limousines have a plethora or different exterior choices, but they have many interior choices as well.  Limousines can come with anything from having televisions, Champaign/mini bar services, and it is always nice to have your own personal Chauffeur to help with your belongings and to open and close the door for you.  When choosing a limousine, be creative, have fun with this decision, and to always remember the theme of your wedding day.

Vintage Cars
                Vintage weddings have been a major trend in 2012, and continue to be in the year 2013.  Nothing says romance and elegance more than a vintage-themed wedding.  When choosing transportation for this theme, be creative and choose a vintage car.  These gorgeous cars are an attention grabber and will be a car that everyone will want to ride in.  A perfect vintage car would be from either the 1920s or the 1930s.  Or if you are leaning towards an Old Hollywood Glamour theme, then choose a car from the 1940s.  Not only will this get you to and from your wedding venue, this car would make a magnificent prop and would capture breathtaking photographs.

Exotic Cars
                If fun, excitement and uniqueness sound like the vibe you would like to set for your big day, than an exotic car could be the perfect choice for you.  These big, bold and modern vehicles may be a fantasy vehicle for you and your fiancé, but it could become a reality to be able to drive one for your special day.  From a Bentley and a Rolls Royce, to a Lamborghini and a Mercedes Benz, these choices are the definition of luxury.  Not only will this set the mood for your wedding day, but we are sure your husband to be will be very satisfied with this decision. 

5 Advice Tips When Choosing Your Transportation
1.       Make sure to research, research and research some more.  You want a trustworthy company who will provide exactly what you ask for the day and time you ask for it.  So ask your family members, co-workers and friends if they have any advice or referrals.  Go on websites, look at newspaper ads, and read reviews and wedding blogs for any tips or references to a place near you that you can check out.
2.       Meet with many companies ahead of time to compare and contrast many different elements.  When going to these companies, ask to see the vehicle you would like to use and make sure this will be the one that you will have on your big day.  It is  very important to see what you are paying for before you sign any contract.
3.       Read over the contract very carefully. When signing a contract look for many different things.  Make sure the price is reasonable and know the time frame that that price covers.  Also see if gratuity is covered in that price or not.  Know what will be included and what will not be included in your price (mini bar for instance).  And most importantly ask if there is a contingency plan just in case something happens to your vehicle the day of your wedding.  Make sure there are back-up vehicles, and ask if there is a discount or refund if this were to happen.  
4.       Have your fiancé decide his form of transportation with his groomsmen.  The vehicle could be a decision he would like to make, so include him in the process.   Men usually know a lot about vehicles and this could be exciting for him to have his dream vehicle for a day. 
5.       Once again, make sure your vehicle correlates with your wedding theme and the tone you would like to set for your wedding.  2013 is a year of themes, and matching your vehicle to your theme is a very important detail.  

BBFN (Bridal Bliss For Now),