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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bridal Registries

Bridal Registries are something brides and grooms still have and are doing it more fabulously then ever. At the start of a marriage, most couples have either not lived together and/or cannot afford much. They need all the help they can get, and this has not changed and probably will not change in coming years. It is also exciting for most couples to go to a couple of stores and pick out items that they will share and remember for the rest of their lives. We have created an updated list of tips for you and your fiancé to remember when registering for your possible gifts from your loved ones. 

1. How to Tell Your Guests About Your Registry Tastefully

Telling your guests about where to shop for your wedding presents can be a pretty awkward moment. Timing and how it is told are two important factors you should remember to announce tastefully where you will be registered. In today’s society, most couples create their own wedding website for guests to look at and be updated on the upcoming nuptials. When creating your website, create a link that shows where exactly you are registered. This way you are not directly telling them and they will still find out where and when to go. Pinterest is also a popular way to place your registry items on a website for your guests to search what you are hoping for. This is also a great method, because you can directly link each item to the website where they may purchase it. Your guests will really appreciate this because of the convenience of having it right there in front of them and they can purchase this item without leaving their house. Other ways we suggest is word of mouth and/or showing your registered stores on your bridal shower invitations. We do not recommend however to tell about your wedding registry in your initial wedding invitations. Today, this would be considered improper etiquette and we encourage you to wait a while to tell your guests in a different way. However, if you would like your guests to know right away, you could post your wedding website on your invitations to sneak around this.

2. After the Engagement, When Should You Register?

We recommend that you wait around one month or longer after you announce your engagement to register. This also depends on when you are planning on getting married. If you want a short engagement, we would recommend waiting about one month or so. If a year or more engagement is something you are wanting, than we recommend waiting a couple of months, so it does not feel like you are rushing your guests and you can also ask for more up-to-date items that might not have been in stores earlier that year.

3. Shop Ahead of Time

We recommend that you go to the stores you would like to register at before the appointment to not only save you time but headaches as well. By going before your appointment, make sure you like what they have and browse their items to have an idea on what you would like to register for. Registering can be very time consuming, so by having an idea of what you would want can help save you a lot of time. Also, we already know most men hate shopping (especially for items like glassware and decor), so by cutting the time down registering, will be something he will truly appreciate.

3. Make An Appointment

Believe it or not, registering for your wedding day can be very time consuming and might last more than one day at a single store. Calling ahead of time to make an appointment will ensure you personalized attention and will guarantee that you know everything there is to know about the store and the item you are registering for. Also, when you arrive there will be some paperwork to fill out in order to ensure your guests will know that it is you they are purchasing for.

4. Make Sure to Register With More Than One Store

This is mostly important because you will be saving your guests a lot of possible travel time and stress. We recommend that you register with 3-5 stores. By doing this you can make things easier for your guests because they will be able to at least access one store since they might not live near certain other stores. By registering with one department store as well, you can almost guarantee that your guests will have one that is not too far away from them. Registering at different stores such as boutiques, shops and department stores will also allow you to have a variety of different gifts that other stores might not have in stock. All around, it may be a headache to register at more than one store, but you and your guests will appreciate the variety to choose from.

You and your fiancé are just starting off life together, so having a registry is very important and is still very relevant in today’s society. Your friends and your family want to help you two out in any ways possible, and by having a registry, they can see exactly what the two of you want and need. Having a registry not only takes the stress away from you and your fiancé, but it also takes the stress away from your guests because they know they are spending money on something you truly want and need in order to start your wonderful and happy lives together. 

BBFN (Bridal Bliss For Now),

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pulling a Room Together: Enhancing Your Event With Linens!

The feeling of glitz, glamour, luxuriousness and elegance can all be brought to life with the use of linens on your wedding day.   From the wide selection of fabrics, colors, and patterns to choose from, there will be something that matches the tone you are trying to set.  There are many different ways linens can be used to enhance your venue in a whimsical and romantic way.  Here are some helpful tips of advice on what linens would be a perfect match and how to incorporate them on your wedding day. 

Finding Your Perfect Linen
1. Research: When searching for inspiration for your lavish linens, be sure to research everything from colors to the material. Every aspect is important and everything will determine the look and feel of your venue space. Always consider what you have envisioned and get advice from the experts and from your family and friends. Both will help you come up with what would be perfect for the atmosphere you are trying to portray. 

2. Color Considerations:Even though bright colors are trending this year, the use of ivories and whites for table clothes and chair covers are more popular than ever. Here are a few reasons as to why you should consider ivory or white for your linen choices.
· Plain and simple, white and ivory are the easiest to decorate with because it matches just about everything.  It is very good against splashes of colors from your table napkins and your centerpieces.
· White and Ivory also look absolutely breathtaking with up lighting because it will somewhat turn the color of your room without blending into the backdrop. Either of these two colors shimmers against the lighting.
· If you are looking to save money and you are lucky enough to have this, most venues can only provide white or ivory linens when it is a part of their wedding package.

Even though there are many different benefits to having white and ivory linens, the use of colored linens can also look just as magnificent. It may be a little more tough to mix and match and get the lighting right, but we have seen some exquisite venue spaces with colored linens before. Be creative and follow your heart on what you believe fits your personality and your vision.

3. Other Ways to Use Fabric Besides a Table Cover
Chair Covers: The use of fabric to cover a chair can turn a fabulous chair into a spectacular piece of art that flows with the scenery. Sure we have seen couples choose to use the venues chairs without a cover or order specialty chairs that match the décor, but the use of a cover and possibly a wrap around of another color, really pulls the whole room together.
Backdrop: A very unique way of incorporating fabrics into your wedding day is by using a backdrop made of all linen. Although this might be an expensive way to incorporate linens because of all the yards it will require, you could use this backdrop at both the ceremony and the reception. The below picture shows a backdrop that we did in the past that incorporates two different colors and if you look close enough you will see that it has elements of crystal curtains throughout.
Aisle: Flowing fabric aisles definitely gives off a romantic and flowing feel to a ceremony space. Although it may be tough to keep everyone off of it before you walk down the aisle, it will be well worth it. We have seen some beautiful aisles that are made of linen and are topped with flower pedals going all the way down to the alter or the Mandap. Below is a picture from one of the weddings we did the décor for that has a breathtaking fabric aisle with floral elements. 
Mandap and Stage: At Oliveaire we specialize in South Asian weddings. With the above picture, you can see a gorgeous fabric Mandap made out of all linens with a hint of floral elements. The stage is also covered with a beautiful soft white fabric. This luxurious way of decorating a Mandap looks absolutely romantic and the lighting brings out the beautiful pink color.

4. Steps You Should Take
1. Research information and size of tables, chairs and other measurements where you might be incorporating linens. This information includes if your venue space provides linens or areas close to you that can provide you the linens you want.
2. Find out Costs. Call around to many different places and compare costs on the amount of fabric you will need and their services to deliver and possibly set up.
3. Consider the costs and envision the best possible outcomes that stay within your budget.
4. Before ordering, make sure this fabric brings to life the look and feel you have been dreaming about.
5. Once you are sure, make an order with the company and make sure before your big day that they will be ready on time and that they have everything you ordered.

Linen simply adds pure elegance and pulls your dream décor all together.   When choosing your extraordinary linens, make sure to gain as much knowledge as possible, brainstorm and get advice from your close family and friends.  Having all of this information can only help and it will make choosing a lot easier and a lot more fun.  Follow your vision and nothing can go wrong!   

BBFN (Bridal Bliss For Now),