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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Selecting a Venue (Part 2)

We are back to continue our criteria for finding the perfect wedding venue for your celebration. Last week we covered some very important details such as establishing how many guests will attend, your budget, what events will be taking place, out of town guests and then some generic aspects of the venue. This week we will start to examine the more fun things about your venue search. Now we will begin to establish a tentative timeline and start working on the food & beverage items for the event. You may say to yourself, “My event is not until next year”, but you will need these details to ensure that you find a venue that can accommodate all your needs, and meet all the details you have dreamed about your entire life. You don’t want to be locked into a contract with a venue, and then find out later that they cannot meet some of your most cherished details.

Now let’s examine criteria 7 – 12:

7. What time do you want your events to take place?
This is an important aspect, especially to the venue, as many hotels will have multiple events happening on the same day. They will want to make sure that can accommodate your guests, without affecting the outcome of your event. Now, again, you may say to yourself my event is still more than 10 months away and I have no idea of my timeline. Do your best estimate on this, as it is a key element in determining that the venue is available during your event times.

8. What type of food service would you like at your event? Sit Down (Plated), Buffet, Family Style etc…
This decision will affect how much space you will need at your event. Buffet style events will require additional space for the buffets to be set-up, versus a sit down or family style event that will only need space for tables. This can also have an impact upon your budget as most venue packages will list out sit down (plated) meals with pricing on their literature. Buffet and family style service may not be listed, and will be charged at a premium due to the extra amount of food that is required for these styles of service.

9. What type of bar service would you like at your event?
There are three main types of bar service. First is the hosted bar, where the host pays for the drinks from the bar. This can be as a per person price or based upon actual consumption. Second is the cash bar, whereas each person pays for his or her own drinks at the bar. Finally you can elect to not have any bar at all at the event. As you can tell, each one of these can have an impact on your budget, which may be a factor in determining your venue choice.

10. Would you like to have wine service during dinner?
This is a factor when determining your bar times, as most venue packages will include a 4 to 5 hour window of time. This may not cover your entire event time, so the best scenario is for the bar to close during dinner and offer wine service to your guests during this time. This doesn’t necessarily affect your venue space, but it is an answer the venue will want, so they can determine their staffing, etc.

11. Would you like to have a Champagne toast during the event?
This is similar to the wine service question above. This again is a factor in staffing, and timing the event from the venue’s perspective.

12. Finally, would you like the venue to supply the wedding cake or will you have your own bakery supply the cake?
Most venue packages will include a wedding cake from one of their recommended vendors, but this is certainly a negotiable element. As mentioned above, this doesn’t necessarily affect the venue space but is a factor when determining your budget.

Now you have the tools to at least get started on the process of the finding the venue for your special day. Keep in mind that the most popular venues will sell their event space anywhere from 12-24 months in advance, especially when you are talking about the peak wedding season of late spring and early summer. Have fun visiting the venues, and don’t be afraid to ask questions of the venue managers. The only silly question is the one not asked.

Good luck in your upcoming search!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Selecting a Venue (Part 1)

Today Forrest Moody, Managing Director, of Oliveaire is tapping into his vast experience working in hotels to provide great tips on how to select your wedding venue. Take it away Forrest...

Well he has popped the question and you have accepted. You are feeling like you can fly and take on the world at the same time. Now your best friend, in her jubilation, asks where the ceremony and reception are going to take place. Suddenly your balloon deflates and you come back to earth to take on the task of finding the perfect venue for your special event. Do I want a religious ceremony in a place of worship? Do I want sit down dinner or buffet style service? What time of day do I want all of these activities to happen? The wedding reception is the largest expenditure for most wedding couples so taking your time and evaluating your decisions is important.

The top 12 criteria to consider for your Wedding Ceremony and Reception:

1. How many people do you anticipate inviting to your special event?
This is probably the most important aspect when starting to look for a venue. This will dictate how large of an event space you will need in order to accommodate your guests. Also, keep in mind that your guest count will be approximately 20% less then the number of people that you invite for various reasons. Many of the points below will be in direct relation to the estimated attendance for your event.

2. What is your estimated budget for the ceremony and reception location?
This is an extremely important factor before you start your search. Every venue will ask this question up front, and it can save countless hours of searching if you have an idea of this in advance. Also keep in mind that most venues will also have a service charge and tax added to their package prices sometimes increasing the listed package price by almost 30%. Keep this in mind when considering your budget.

3. Do you want a religious ceremony in a place of worship or can it be held at the same venue as the reception?
This is important to consider in determining if you have to find two venues or only one. Although places of worship are relatively inexpensive, it can save some money if you combine the two events at one facility. Always ask the question of your venue if there is an additional charge for the ceremony.

4. Will you require any hotel rooms for out of town guests?
This should be considered even if you are not having your event at a hotel. If you have out of town guests you will want them to stay close to the reception location, and also see if the facility offers some type of transportation back and forth from their hotel. If you are at a hotel venue for your event(s), ask the venue manager for a special room rate for your out of town guests. You will need to supply them an approximate number of hotel rooms needed. Depending upon the hotel and number of rooms requested you may be required to sign a contract for the guest rooms.

5. Would you like an aspect of your venue or event to be outdoors?
This is a key element to inquire in advance as not all venues offer an outdoor option.

6. Do you have any special requests such as windows, chandeliers or special architecture that you would like to see from your special event venue?
Again this is a key item to do your research in advance. Most venues have very informative websites that can answer most of these questions without wasting the time of trying to call the venue.

This should get you started thinking about your venue search. We will continue next week with the remainder of the top twelve criteria to consider for your wedding venue. We will get into some more fun things next week such as food, beverage and even wedding cakes.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

It CAN be easy being green

Are you an eco-enthusiast who tries to keep green in all aspects of your life? Or do you just try to be kind to the earth where you can, when it’s convenient?

No matter what your commitment to being friendly to the planet there is no denying that your wedding will have an impact on the earth. We have had the opportunity to see Zina Murray, from Logan Square Kitchen, speak a few times about the environmental impact of events.

The top emitters of greenhouse gases (in order) are transportation, venues, meals and waste.

When it comes to transportation remember that direct flights give off 25% less emission than those with layovers. As the host, give consideration to how your guests will travel between your events, or if it’s feasible to have your ceremony and reception in the same location.

We all know that we have to feed and hydrate guests. Think about what you are serving your guests, and where it’s coming from. Illinois imports 90% of it’s food. By working with your venue or caterer to use locally grown, or produced, you help the economy and the environment. One significant way to reduce the negative environmental impact of your event is by asking your venue not to serve bottled water.

Still not convinced that we all need to do our part? Google Pacific Trash Vortex, we’re sure you’ll be convinced then.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to Logan Square Kitchen or City Provisions and their dedicated team can provide you with further information.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Beauty in HD

If you are looking at cutting edge technology for the videotaping of your event, you will find that many studios are now recording in HD. What does that mean for you? With high definition technology instead of just seeing a hundred pores, we can see a million pores and specks on our faces. I can understand why a director would like to show an action film or sports action in “high-def.” The details are unbelievable to look at, the clarity and the movement are so flawless. Just remember, movie industry insiders have their tricks.

A reporter or actor, male or female, cannot just go in front of the camera without putting on makeup. The shine on their faces could blind us. Let’s be honest now, as an audience, we critique their images like there is no tomorrow. We are as harsh and strong as the studio lighting that is focused on them. I guess it’s the fact they cannot hear us through the screen or they’re celebrities or it’s our own insecurities. But I digress.

The digital cameras and video cameras that will be used for your wedding are fast and clear. As a bride, how do you deal with it?

Make it easy on yourself and consult with a makeup artist that has experience (and plenty of it) applying makeup for print ads or commercials. Ask questions. Ask them to do a makeup trial on you, then have someone photograph or videotape you with a high quality digital camera. If the artist is good, he or she will know how to match your skin tone and type, if they should use air brush or not, use a mattifier to minimize pores, use mineral powder or pressed foundation, just to name a few options. The application of lipstick is also important. However, one of the “must do’s” is to use a concealer. Using a concealer brush, instead of your hands or a sponge, is much better because you have better control on the coverage. The makeup artist has the tools, and the supplies, to tackle the job of enhancing your natural beauty, making it last for hours of crying, dancing, and hugging and most importantly, keeping you camera ready.

You may need to consider retaining a makeup artist for a couple of days. If you have hired a professional videographer to record the several parties surrounding your wedding you will want to be camera ready for each of those events. Trust me, it will be well worth the expense to know that you look your absolute best on the videos you will watch for a lifetime.

Photo credit to R.E.M. Photography

Why go through all this? Because you want to look flawless on your wedding day. However, remember that flawless doesn’t mean some commercial definition of perfection. Sometimes what you think of as your “flaws” are what make you beautiful and perfect. The lines that appear when you smile, that mole, the freckles, those little things about you that add to why your fiancé fell in love with you. So do yourself a favor and don’t hide everything. HD should capture your tears, the flow of your gown, that first kiss as husband and wife, and the real you.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Style File

Bridal trends are always changing and adapting to today's bridal couples. Here are some of the hot trends we're seeing as we get ready to say goodbye to 2010 and hello to 2011:

Design Studio
Mandap a Trendy Transformation

A wood craved mandap speaks of culture and tradition. But in 2010, a contemporary design will be influenced in creating mandap designs. Our Creative Director, Tina Marie, tells us taht fabric transformation with modern elegance will definitely be seen more in the upcoming years. Brides are looking for the non-traditional look, at the same time respecting their heritage and religious representation. The newest "Glitterati" mandap at Oliveaire was designed specially to cater to the progressive chic brides. With a fabric canopy, crystal columns and raining orchids it will create the glamour and opulence of a dream wedding. Brides are choosing bold colors and styles that are beyond the traditional red, orange and white. We have created mandaps that are semi-customizable allowing the bride the luxury to select her fabric colors with a mix and match palette.

Mandap’s that are transformed with flowing fabrics and flowers, with a touch of bling, will be the fashion trend for upcoming nuptials. Indian weddings are fashion forward and can push the boundaries of creativity. Floral Designers are inspired to create a one of a kind ceremonial ground that will speak to the bride and groom's personality. Branding your mandap is the trend for upcoming weddings, as Brides add flair and signature essence to their Big day.

Dressing your man

When it comes to wedding fashion, grooms are definitely overlooked. A much deserved hub-bub is showered on the Princess bride and her trousseau, but sadly enough not as much on the Prince. The fashion world is in tune with men’s clothing now more than ever before. Top Indian designers Manish Malhotra, Neeta Lulla, Manish Arora and Rocky S are few that tailor to the modernized blend of Indian and Western fashion.

Brides, don’t you want your groom to look debonair standing next to you? Be sure to complement your bridal collection to his stylish cut Sherwani accessorized with paagris (head wear), moojris (footwear) and dupatta (scarves). Style up your man as he is the Prince Charming you have waited for.

Photo Credit to R.E.M. Photography

For the men’s only fashion visit amara, undoubtedly stylish and chic in menswear or visit Bargello, an online Indian boutique that caterers to all your fashion needs.

Planning Tip
Set up time

Prior to designing your floral décor, check with the venue on the access to your ballroom space. If you have an elaborate set up, or the vendor is limited on staff, it may require more than two hours of set up time (which is the typical time allowed by busy venues). Setting up a mandap, backdrop and aisle ware can take as much as 4 to 6 hours.

Progressive Modern Fusion Indian Cuisine

The next generation of Indian cuisine, with artistic presentation, has finally arrived. The biggest complaint about making Indian food modern or stylish is the sacrifice of the ethnic taste. Serving only one course of plated Indian meal pales in comparison to the lavish buffets that can be offered at weddings. At Oliveaire we have partnered with Gaylord Fine Indian Cuisine and Phil Stefani Signature Events to serve traditional Indian cuisine, with an artistic presentation.

A heavenly six courses of culinary experience, with course after course that will wow the most discerning palate has taken center stage. If a bridal couple is looking to be trendsetters and definitely fall onto the foodie group, this Indian Fusion menu was made for you.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Mehndi Inspired Wedding Cakes

Mehndi, better known as henna in the U.S., is an ancient art form that originated as a way to decorate the body for special occasions, like weddings. The mehndi ceremony takes place a few days before the wedding, at which time the bride’s hands and feet are covered in elaborate designs by a mehndi artist.

Mehndi is both a beautiful and important part of South Asian wedding tradition, that you can incorporate in your special day! Not ready to turn your hands into a canvas in the name of design for your big day?

Why not use your cake instead? A mehndi inspired cake design is a unique way to add a touch of class and sophistication to your wedding. Check out some of the ways in which brides have given this ancient art a modern twist!

Although wedding cakes are not considered a traditional part of an Asian or South Asian wedding ceremony, they are becoming increasingly popular, as western traditions are infused into the traditional Indian celebrations. Typically, South Asian wedding cakes incorporate elaborate designs and intricate details with Henna patterns. As you can see in the montage of photos below, the Indian wedding cakes that I found online not only incorporate traditional patterns and designs, but also vivid colors that are associated with traditional South Asian weddings such as red, purple, bright pink, and orange.

Be sure to speak to the bakery or pastry chef about what you are looking for, and see a sample of their colored frosting so you have a realistic expectation of what your cake will look like.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Linen Logistics

Many of you have never given a thought to table linen prior to preparing for your wedding. It is one of the many decisions you need to make when putting together the vision of your big day. Your planner, florist or linen stylist can help you make the right color and texture choices to complete your look. Today, I want to share some facts with you that will help you in planning your linen order.

Beware the price that is too good to be true. The costs add up quickly when planning a wedding, and it pays to shop around and make sure you are getting a fair price. However, remember the old adage, if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. Google “Wedding Linen Rental” and a plethora of linen companies will come up. Many of these companies are “online” companies, some of them perfectly reputable, some of them not so much. Before you sign on the dotted line be sure that you see a sample of your selection, in your hand, not just on the computer screen. A better option may be to work with a local company, who can get you samples quickly and easily. Be sure to compare the complete cost of your linen. This means you will have to speak to your reception venue to see when the linen can be dropped off, when it needs to be picked up and if you will have to pay additional fees to the reception venue or linen company to have them set it up.

Know your fabrics: A poly-blend/classic linen will be the less expensive option for dressing your tables. It is often available in a variety of colors, depending on the company you chose. Satin Lamour is the most used fabric for weddings. It has an elegant shine, and is available in many many colors, especially from companies that primarily serve wedding customers. There are many other options, that are striking, Bichons have an elegant crinkle to the fabric, a Pintuck gives the look of clean lines and a Twist adds amazing depth to a table.

Specialty tables: Of course you want to make sure that you have table linen, napkins, chair covers and ties for each of your guest dining tables. Do not forget about all of the other tables in the room. This list includes your head table, the cake, placecard, gift, cocktail, highboy and favor tables. Are you serving your food on a buffet? You will want to give thought to dressing those tables.

Sizing: You will want to ask the manager at the venue you are working with what size tables your guests will be seated at. They will typically answer a 60”, 66” or 72” round table. This will require a 120” (for the 60” table) or 132” (for the 66” or 72” table) round tablecloth. If you are using any rectangular tables you will need a specially sized cloth for those tables. If you are looking to have square dining tables for your guests, know that there are not tablecloths that fit those tables easily so you will need to order two 132” round cloths for each square table.

Any reputable linen company you order from should be able to help you pick the right sizes for your tables, and make sure you have all of your tables covered. Linen professionals will also help you work with your venues to tie all of the pieces together. Your linen selections will tie together the look of your day, so spend some time making sure you've got it just the way you want it.

Happy Planning!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How Will You Make Your Exit?

I know you hate to think about it being over, but trust me, your wedding day will fly by in the blink of an eye. Be sure to take time throughout the day to look around, take it all in and have fun. After all you have been waiting for this moment your whole life.

Have you thought about how you will exit your party? Will you party until the last guest leaves? Arrange an elaborate sendoff for all to see? You have put together every detail of your celebration. Be sure to give your guests something to remember on your way out!

Whatever you decide, it is important for you to also have a plan for the end of the night details, and I don’t mean in your honeymoon suite.

Transportation: Is your reception being held in the hotel where your room is booked? If not, how are you getting to your bed? One of my favorite cautionary tales is of the bride and groom who needed a cab to their downtown condo at the end of the night, but did not have cash, a credit card or a debit card on them. Luckily their Oliveaire Wedding Planner saw them on her way out of the hotel, and gave them $20 to get home.

Overnight Accommodations: My advice, have someone check you into your hotel room, and give you the room key before you go. Also, think through how you will be getting to that honeymoon suite. Be sure to have some cash, a credit/debit card and your cell phone (with the important phone numbers programmed in) delivered to you at the end of the night by someone you trust (probably the same person who checks you into your hotel room). If you are party hardy couple, don’t drink and drive. Arrange for a car to pick you up or have a designated driver.

Gifts: How are your gifts being taken care of? Make sure to assign a close family member the responsibility of attending to your gifts. It will then be that person’s responsibility to secure the envelopes and move boxes of gifts. Your reception venue may have a safety deposit box you can keep them in until the end of the reception, but then it is your responsibility to make sure they are picked up. Have a plan for where you will take those generous gifts the next day. The sooner you get that money in the bank, the better, especially if you plan on catching a plane soon.

The Morning After: Headed to the airport the next morning? Make sure that your luggage is packed, and that your tickets and documentation are all easily accessible and ready to go! Nothing puts a damper on a honeymoon like forgotten passports or lost luggage (or a hangover FYI).

Not catching a plane quite yet? Be sure to have a ride home arranged!

None of this will take too much work, just a little bit of forethought on your part. Enjoy that beautiful and monumental day in your life. Happy Honeymoon!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Token of Appreciation

It is very important to thank your guests for attending your wedding festivities. One of the most common ways that bridal couples thank guests for their attendance is by giving them a favor at the wedding. Like all aspects of a wedding, favors vary greatly depending on the couple’s style and budget, from something small and traditional like a small tulle wrapping of almonds to something as elaborate as a scarf or doll, sometimes from their native country.

Anyone you ask about favors will give you their opinion, and each of those opinions will be very different. Here is what I can tell you after attending more weddings than I can count, as a guest and as a planner:

Photo Courtesy of theknot.com

If they can’t eat it, your guests will probably forget it:
Those beautiful little votive holders, dolls and coasters set at each guest’s place at the table will catch their eye, and they will all talk about how great they are. However, after all of the dancing, and possibly a few celebratory cocktails, you will find most of those favors left behind.

I have found however, if you give your guests a little treat, you will not have as much leftover. Why is that? My best guess is that people either eat them during speeches, between courses, during dancing, or pick them up on their way out for a snack on the way home. Favors such as candy bars, truffles or cookies are great munchies and you will not find many are left behind.

If your heart is set on giving a special treat to your guests, assign a family member to hand them out as guests leave.

Honor Your Guests:
Some Brides and Grooms chose to honor their guests by making a donation to a charity close to their heart. This is a beautiful way to give back, and make your guests feel special. One couple I know made donations to several charities, and indicated which charity they selected for each guest on their place card. Another Bride made a donation to the cancer society in memory of her deceased mother. Just be sure to put a sign in a frame or on display so your guests know that you have thought of them. If you decide to donate to charity in lieu of favors, choose with your heart and connect with your purpose.

Photo Courtesy of theknot.com

Overall, don’t break the bank. A favor should be a token of appreciation to your guests, thanking them for taking time from their busy lives to celebrate your love and the beginning of your new life. You can consider adding a sweet table, or late night munchie station, for your guests to enjoy by moving your favor budget to accommodate the expense. If you come up with a great idea, and you think your guests will remember to take it home, go for it. After all it is YOUR big day.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

What TO Wear

To me, the best part of being a bride in the summer are all of the vibrant colors and unique fabrics you can bring to your wedding, specifically in your attire. Brides, as you start deciding on the colors and styles of your trousseau, here are some bridal trends that continue to be popular:

Brocades, silks, georgette and chiffons.

Photo provided by CharismaIndia

The plain Ghagra style is no longer to be seen. It is now replaced with the likings of the A-line or Mermaid style, which is crafted to give the bride a feminine and sculpted look. The blouses are short with longer dupattas.

The color to adore this season is pink, in shades pale to deep. Brides, be sure to pick the proper shade to compliment your skin tone.

Photo provided by CharismaIndia

Traditional zardosi embroidery is being taken over by kundan, mirror, and Swarowski crystal work.

Photo provided by CharismaIndia

The trend is now to blend the traditional with the contemporary. While each of us likes the traditional colors and styles, the key is to add the new era of fashion to the existing expectations. A few things to keep in mind: fabric, style, embroidery, and color are each important individually, but also together. You don’t want to use a fabric and style that won’t suit your body type, or choose a color that will not compliment you, on and off camera. When a brides walks in the room, heads should turn and guests should think "This bride looks amazing, head to toe!". As the generation changes, more emphasis is placed on having a unique sense of style, wearing something no one has worn before. There are many options available these days for a bride to make an outfit her own, and something no one else has. Remember, the way you look at your wedding, from head to toe, will be captured as a memory that will last longer than a lifetime. Make sure you are more than happy with what you have on!

Finally, remember ladies, you should wear the trousseau, the trousseau shouldn’t wear you!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mendhi & Sangeet

Welcome to the South Asian focused blog by Oliveaire Artisan Events and Meetings. We hope you will enjoy our tips, tricks and trends.

Event Architect Mahvish Bhatty will kick us off, giving some adivce on Mendhi & Sangeet...

Mendhi and Sangeet are the highlights of the wedding weekend. Mendhi, more commonly, is a ladies only event where the bride gets henna done on her hands. Sangeet, is a pre-party, and a relaxed informal event where the Bride and Groom can enjoy the company of family and friends, while enjoying great food and music. Sangeet was predominantly a ladies only event, but with the passing time, the way of organizing Sangeet has changed as it’s now open to male relatives and friends. Below you will find some tips on decorations, the latest music trends, and how to maintain bridal henna (Mendhi).

Sangeet and Mendhi Decorations Tips
• You may resort to the traditional way of decorating your venue. For that purpose, stick to the colors schemes that reflect the ethnicity of the Indian/Pakistani culture. Colors like orange, maroon, yellow and shades of red can best serve the purpose.
• Choose a color scheme and stick to it. For instance, if you have chosen maroon as the color for your Sangeet party Décor, then decorate the venue with items that are maroon in color. You may also bring in variation by choosing two shades of the same color, for the venue.
• It is always best to hire a décor vendor so they can make the event look traditional, and the arrangements have been done professionally. A lot of couples tend to skip out on the décor vendor for their Sangeet and Mendhi nights, but it is important to work with a vendor, so you are not relaying on family to do the decorations.
• Marigold is one of the chosen flowers for festive occasions in India. For the Sangeet/Mendhi party, you may decorate your venue with garlands of marigold.
• Another popular item is having a swing on the stage, and lounge furniture which brings the exotic element of the event. Be sure to stick to your color theme while ordering lounge furniture.
• Traditional look can also be given to the place by using drapes with heavy embroidery and mirror work.
• If you want to impart a western look to the decorations, then make use of colors including pastel shades of green, blue, pink, peach, sea green or mauve. Exotic flowers like orchids, lilies and carnations can also be used for the Décor.
Music Trends
• With passing time, more and more families are hiring professional Bands for the Sangeet/Mendhi Party. The band consists of singers (male and female) along with drummer and rhythm players.
• Another hot trend is hiring a DJ who plays the latest songs within your choice of course, and this becomes a necessity since many of the bridal party members and friends would like to perform a dance for couple on this night.
• Besides a professional band and DJ, couples are also hiring a music instrument player such as Sitar and/or Tabla. This makes the evening much more festive and ethnic. Hiring a sitar and tabla player along with the DJ makes the perfect combination, and nowadays most vendors are versatile.

Here are some tips to ensure that you (Bride) enjoy your Mendhi ceremony:
1) Get your manicure done the day before – Mendhi takes a few days for the color to sink it. Getting the manicure after the Mendhi is applied will affect the richness of the color. So pamper yourself and get a nice, relaxing massage of your hands and feet before applying the Mendhi design!

2) No oils on your skin –Your skin should be well moisturized, but do not put any oils on your skin before applying the Mendhi.

3) Get your Mendhi applied before the actual Mendhi party- this allows you to be stress free at your own celebration and gives you the ability to mingle and watch as others get their Mendhi applied. Also, everyone will admire your beautiful design!

4) After the Mendhi is applied –soak the dry paste with a mixture of lemon and sugar. The Mendhi should be left on for about 6-8 hours. Then scrape off the Mendhi with a blunt object. Do not wash the areas with water for at least 24 hours. Avoid all chlorinated products and anything alkaline (of course this no longer applies on the honeymoon!)

Hopefully these simple tips will bring out the vibrant colors of your Mendhi design and bring lasting prosperity to your marriage!