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Thursday, November 6, 2014

A New Spin on Old Traditions

Ever heard of the saying “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed & Something Blue”? Of course you have!  Keeping with tradition is important, but why not put a new & unique spin on it!  Here are some ideas to keep these traditions alive in a creative way!

Something Old

To help keep the memories of loved ones close to the Brides heart, Brides are now placing pictures of their loved ones in lockets and even pinning them to their bouquet. It is a nice and memorable touch to incorporate "Something Old" for your wedding day.  If you would like to share in that moment with your guests, the growing trend right now is creating a collage of all your departed loved ones and putting it out on display for guest to admire.

Another beautiful way to keep a piece of your loved ones with you when walking down the aisle, is to collect meaningful fabric (from mom’s or grandmother’s wedding dress or from father or grandfather’s shirt) and sewing it into the lining of their dress. 

Something New

The biggest item that is usually ‘something new’ is the bridal gown, but if a bride would like to take that a step further, some great ideas would be buying some new make-up, jewelry, or lingerie (who says it has to be something seen?) Even a new perfume would be great as every time you smell that scent you will be reminded of your wedding day!

If you are a bride that is taking your soon-to-be husband last name you can always get your soon-to-be new initials monogrammed on a necklace or even have it sewed on your veil! It will be your new name after all!

Something Borrowed

Usually something borrowed would be family jewelry, the dress, or even the veil. However, we have noticed a new and creative twist that brides are doing for this tradition! Why not rent a stunning hand bag for the day? There are a lot of websites to checkout to find a gorgeous handbag that you will use on your special day. The same can go for jewelry. By renting it for the night you can get a striking piece of jewelry that will compliment your wedding dress.

If you would like to do something more meaningful with your ‘something borrowed’ you can always borrow the jewelry that your mother wore on her wedding day. Or a sweet gesture would be to include your future mother-in-law and wear something of hers too!

And remember, it doesn’t have to be something that the bride has to wear… why not ‘borrow’ the First Dance song of a couple you admire? The couple would be so surprised and honored that you thought of them on your wedding day!

Something Blue

For the most part, a lot of brides will make their garter blue for this tradition, but the new twist popping up everywhere is taking that pop of color and putting it on their shoes!  We cannot get over how beautiful a blue show looks against a white or ivory gown!

Another stunning way to incorporate something blue would be to get blue stitching on the inside of the dress embroidered with your wedding date.

If none of this sounds appealing to you –or perhaps you just do not want the color blue on you for your big day- why not create a signature blue drink? That way you and your guest could enjoy this old tradition together!


Here is an added bonus:

The Groom

            Let us not forget the groom… It is his special day too! Some subtle but creative ways for him to participate in these traditions could be to wear heirloom cufflinks or even a tie from a close friend or relative that he admires (something borrowed or something old). Another sweet gesture would be to include his past loved ones in the collage table or even in the photos attached to your bouquet, I am sure your groom would appreciate the thought.  Something new could be a new tie, new shoes, or even new cologne.  For the Something Blue, he can incorporate this color with his boutonniere, in his cufflinks or as a fun pop of color in his socks!  No one said that the Bride had to be the only one participating in these traditions, so why let him have a little bit of fun too!


I hope these little tidbits of advice can help inspire you for your big day! What other ideas have you done to update these old traditions? Any past Brides out there that would like to give some creative ideas to what they did for their wedding day? I would love to hear from you so please leave a comment below!
BBFN (Bridal Bliss For Now),