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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Top 5 Reasons Pintrest Can Help Plan Your Wedding

From the dress and the flowers, to the food and the linen, Pinterest seems to have everything, down to the last detail. Young women and even some men are now using the recently popular website Pinterest to plan their dream wedding. Pinterest can save a bride a lot of time and money because the content is mostly free, it has endless possibilities, and it is very easy to access. We counted down the top 5 reasons why Pinterest can help a bride plan their dream wedding, and here they are:

  1. Organization is Key
I am sure most of us when we were little, would cut out pictures from Bridal Magazines, or write down ideas that came to us about our dream wedding and store them away in a secret spot. Well now there is a more convenient and less time-consuming way to do this. Pinterest allows users to do all of this but by using online sources with infinite possibilities and is stored in an online file or “corkboard”. Each user can make as many corkboards as they would like and can label each board to make planning easier and more organized. Example titles of these boards could be “Wedding Dresses”, “Table Settings”, “Invitations”, and“Wedding Cakes”, the list goes on and on.

2. Various Pins from Various Users Can Give a Bride Many Options

Over eleven million people are now using the Pinterest website. With this many people, comes a lot of ideas and a lot of pins. Brides to be can use search words such as “wedding” or “wedding dresses” in order to pull up hundreds of thousands of ideas for inspiration for their own special day. Brides can search words as specific or broad as they would like. Pinterest has just about every possible idea and every possible detail for a bride to see what captures her attention and what goes along with her vision.

  1. Most “Pins” Can Directly Connect A Bride
By just a click on a photo, users can be directly connected to the website where an item, such as a dress or centerpiece can be purchased. Or if the bride would like a recipe for a certain meal to be served at their reception, all she has to do is click on the picture and a recipe will be pulled up instantly. Pinterest is a way to see what the bride wants and it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 and she can have it. Convenience is also key.

  1. Follow the Experts
Experts, planners, and wedding magazines are now on Pinterest and are pinning hundreds of beautiful and creative ideas for Brides-to-be. They can pin their own creations, their ideas, and what they believe is the latest trends for weddings. Their boards are open for any user to view and brides can repin any ideas they might want to use for their special day.

  1. Receive Feedback
While brides are pinning and grabbing ideas for their big day, they can ask and receive advice on what their family, friends, and even complete strangers think about their ideas and their vision. This makes it very convenient and can help guide a bride to what she truly wants. Serenity will also be an effect because the bride will be more confident in knowing that others love her ideas as well.

From all aspects of wedding planning, Pinterest will not make everything come together, but it definitely will help in the inspiration and organization processes. Planning a wedding can be the most stressful time of a woman’s life, and with the helpful tips, convenience, organization and ideas that Pinterest provides, planning for the special day can be just a little easier. 

BBFN (Bridal Bliss for Now)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Setting the Mood with Lighting - Illuminate Your Event

When first looking at a venue, it is hard to imagine how to turn this blank canvas into a masterpiece. Many details go into planning your special day and transforming your venue, and one important factor that creates a certain mood, atmosphere and vibe is lighting. Lighting seems to be overlooked, but it is an essential detail that enhances the look of your venue space. It will complete your vision and will reflect you and your fiancĂ©’s personalities. Lighting can be used in many different ways, but all will illuminate your event space in a dramatic way.

What is more romantic and classic than candlelight? Incorporating candles into your big day can really create a warm and cozy feeling as well. Candles add an extraordinary glow to any venue that will take everyone’s breath away.

The use of patterns can really add a texture to any surface. Whether it is being used as uplighting on the walls or down the aisle, patterns add a creative and personal touch to any venue. As featured in the 25th Anniversary Edition of Chicago Style Weddings, check out the feature on page 336 at: 


Uplighting is a great way to enhance the details of your venue space that you appreciate, and it allows you to hide any details you do not see fit for your occasion. It can accent the architecture of the venue, as well as add a glow of the color and patterns you desire. When transforming a venue to what your vision is, uplighting is one of the most essential parts and can really bring everything together.

If you want to create different moods during your special day, do not be afraid to experiment different types of lighting at different times. Maybe you would like to create a soft and romantic atmosphere during the ceremony, and then create a fun and upbeat atmosphere during the reception.

Whatever you choose, always remember to showcase who you are as a couple, and lighting can help reflect that beautifully.

BBFN (Bridal Bliss for Now)