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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How Will You Make Your Exit?

I know you hate to think about it being over, but trust me, your wedding day will fly by in the blink of an eye. Be sure to take time throughout the day to look around, take it all in and have fun. After all you have been waiting for this moment your whole life.

Have you thought about how you will exit your party? Will you party until the last guest leaves? Arrange an elaborate sendoff for all to see? You have put together every detail of your celebration. Be sure to give your guests something to remember on your way out!

Whatever you decide, it is important for you to also have a plan for the end of the night details, and I don’t mean in your honeymoon suite.

Transportation: Is your reception being held in the hotel where your room is booked? If not, how are you getting to your bed? One of my favorite cautionary tales is of the bride and groom who needed a cab to their downtown condo at the end of the night, but did not have cash, a credit card or a debit card on them. Luckily their Oliveaire Wedding Planner saw them on her way out of the hotel, and gave them $20 to get home.

Overnight Accommodations: My advice, have someone check you into your hotel room, and give you the room key before you go. Also, think through how you will be getting to that honeymoon suite. Be sure to have some cash, a credit/debit card and your cell phone (with the important phone numbers programmed in) delivered to you at the end of the night by someone you trust (probably the same person who checks you into your hotel room). If you are party hardy couple, don’t drink and drive. Arrange for a car to pick you up or have a designated driver.

Gifts: How are your gifts being taken care of? Make sure to assign a close family member the responsibility of attending to your gifts. It will then be that person’s responsibility to secure the envelopes and move boxes of gifts. Your reception venue may have a safety deposit box you can keep them in until the end of the reception, but then it is your responsibility to make sure they are picked up. Have a plan for where you will take those generous gifts the next day. The sooner you get that money in the bank, the better, especially if you plan on catching a plane soon.

The Morning After: Headed to the airport the next morning? Make sure that your luggage is packed, and that your tickets and documentation are all easily accessible and ready to go! Nothing puts a damper on a honeymoon like forgotten passports or lost luggage (or a hangover FYI).

Not catching a plane quite yet? Be sure to have a ride home arranged!

None of this will take too much work, just a little bit of forethought on your part. Enjoy that beautiful and monumental day in your life. Happy Honeymoon!

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