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Friday, September 3, 2010

Mehndi Inspired Wedding Cakes

Mehndi, better known as henna in the U.S., is an ancient art form that originated as a way to decorate the body for special occasions, like weddings. The mehndi ceremony takes place a few days before the wedding, at which time the bride’s hands and feet are covered in elaborate designs by a mehndi artist.

Mehndi is both a beautiful and important part of South Asian wedding tradition, that you can incorporate in your special day! Not ready to turn your hands into a canvas in the name of design for your big day?

Why not use your cake instead? A mehndi inspired cake design is a unique way to add a touch of class and sophistication to your wedding. Check out some of the ways in which brides have given this ancient art a modern twist!

Although wedding cakes are not considered a traditional part of an Asian or South Asian wedding ceremony, they are becoming increasingly popular, as western traditions are infused into the traditional Indian celebrations. Typically, South Asian wedding cakes incorporate elaborate designs and intricate details with Henna patterns. As you can see in the montage of photos below, the Indian wedding cakes that I found online not only incorporate traditional patterns and designs, but also vivid colors that are associated with traditional South Asian weddings such as red, purple, bright pink, and orange.

Be sure to speak to the bakery or pastry chef about what you are looking for, and see a sample of their colored frosting so you have a realistic expectation of what your cake will look like.