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Friday, January 21, 2011

Will you choose a Florist or a Designer?

Flowers and décor can be the next highest ticket item for a wedding. Aside from floral centerpieces, if one wants to truly create a stunning wedding, there are selection such as lines, lighting, chairs, lounge furniture, bellowing fabrics, illumination box etc etc. If the budget allows you to “Pimp Up” your big day, the most common question is should I choose a Florist or an Event Designer??

These can be neighborhood shops that have been part of the community for years. They cater to “foot traffic” and create arrangements that cater more towards the personal flowers. Some florists have taken on the additional business of weddings. However, they can be limited in their resources and inventory. They may tend to be less “hands-on”. They will not be a one stop shop if you want to add linen, lighting, etc. to your event. You will work individually with different vendors and connect the dots so to speak.

Price: Value to Middle

Event Designers
An Event Designer will create an overall design concept and ensure that the visual details are cohesive with the color story and floral palette. A Creative Director will select products from many resources and are not limited to inventory, color or design. They will spend time with each client to in creating a unique wedding day. It will reflect the couple’s personal style, and brand the event with layering of visual astonishment. A design studio can offer a complete look for your event including linens, furnishing, fabrics, up lighting, covered dance floor, custom products etc.

An Event Designer will have more flexibility on time. Service and Products will be the highest priority. They will have a trained crew to produce the event as it has been envisioned. Even if the company had partnered up to provide certain elements of the event, it is the Creative Director that will connect all the dots for a stunning wedding.

Price: Middle to High

As I always tell my newly engaged brides, inform yourself on the limitations of your wedding team. This will allow you to create a cohesive picture of your big day. The more you are vested with your vendors and they are vested with you, there won’t be any surprises as you walk down the aisle.

BBFN (Bridal Bliss For Now),

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