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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Enchanting Varmala

It is no surprise that South Asian weddings have the grandeur of a Royal Wedding, but these trendy weddings are meticulously designed, down to every last detail. The exchanging of the garlands is an intricate part of a Hindu ceremony. A marriage is not complete unless the bride accepts her husband into her life.

Photo courtesy of R.E.M.

A traditional Varmala (or Jaimala depending on the region you are from) is made of Marigolds. But since Indian weddings have stepped into the world of modern and couture trends, brides and grooms are looking to honor the ritual of exchanging the garlands, with a stylish lei of blooms.

Here are some concepts from our design studio, giving you some out of the box ideas to:

GO SMALL: The beauty and charm of mini spray roses vs. full bloom rose can add simplicity to the competing bridal sari and sherwani.

BLING IT: Add crystal studs to add sparkles to your blooms. Embellish the garland with an antique brooch that can be saved long after the ceremony as a memory of your acceptance of marriage.

LOVE the orchids: Mokara orchids are sophisticated and elegant. Orchid garlands can keep the tradition but bring the chic element to the ritual.

STYLE IT: Garlands don’t have to just be about connecting the flowers. Include patterns into garlands that can tie in the design theme of your wedding.

Can you FAKE it?? As a designer I am torn on answering this question. And I mean about using Faux flowers to create your garlands. I am partial to fresh flowers in most design situation. However, I have seen families order beautiful and superbly designed marriage garlands from India. The main advantage of these “fake garlands” is that you can preserve your garlands whether or not the blooms you want to use will allow you to do so. Whichever you decide, these garlands are rooted deep in culture and tradition, and they are beautiful.

Whatever your choice may be in selecting your garlands, know that you are not bound by color or blooms in creating your one of a kind designer garland.

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