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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hot Tips on Keeping You and Your Guests Cool in the Heat

The outdoors, the sunshine, the clear skies and the warm temperatures, all make summer the most popular season to have a wedding.  Outdoor wedding venues can be absolutely breathtaking, but what we do not always realize is that Mother Nature can be a bit unpredictable.  Temperatures can rise and alter the atmosphere of a wedding.  We have found many hot tips to keep you and your guests cool on your wedding day.  By considering and preparing for this potential weather hazard, you and your guests can be cool and comfortable in the scorching heat. 

Tip 1: Clothing
            Like I said before, Mother Nature can be very unpredictable.  If your wedding date is set in the summer, or your location is set in a tropical place where the weather is known for its heat, prepare yourself with your clothing.  Some popular fabrics that we found that is worn in the summer by men and women are Batiste and Charmeuse.  Batiste is a lightweight, soft and transparent fabric, and Charmeuse is a lightweight, semi-lustrous, soft fabric that is satin-like to the touch.  You do not want a heavy fabric when it is 80-90 degrees outside, it will only make things hotter.  Stick with lightweight fabrics and also warn your guests about the potential weather so they can choose appropriate clothing as well.

Tip 2: Venue
            When choosing an outdoor venue, make sure to consider a couple things before you make the final decision.  In case of heat, most importantly make sure there is a place for you and your guests to cool off in.  This is a must to consider if you have guests who are sensitive to the heat.  Also, make sure there is a room for the bridal party to go to before the ceremony to get ready and relax before it starts.  An important thing to also remember is that there should be some shade on a portion of your seats for your elderly guests to sit during the ceremony.  Another tip about your potential venue for you summer brides, is venues near a form of water such as a lake or ocean give a slight breeze that could help the temperature that day (This also makes for beautiful pictures). 

Tip 3: Food and Beverages
            Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate some more on a hot summer day.  Make sure you and your guests are provided water, iced tea, lemonade and other non-alcoholic drinks during the ceremony and reception.  This is extremely important especially when alcoholic drinks are being served as well.  A creative way to incorporate these drinks is by using mason jars and putting them on a decorated table where your guests can easily access them at any time.  Food is also an important factor when it comes to heat during a summer wedding.  No one will want to be served hot appetizers on a hot day.  A cute way to incorporate “cool” foods into your wedding day is by using another popular trend this year, Food Trucks.  Food Trucks can be used in multiple different ways.  An ice cream truck is one of the most chosen during summer weddings and can provide your guest’s favorite cold treats such as ice cream and popsicles 

Tip 4: Timing
            If you really want to be sure the heat will not be a negative factor during your special day, scheduling can be key. Setting or adjusting your time of the ceremony to be later at night or making sure the ceremony is shorter than normal, can really help avoid your guests being overheated and uncomfortable.

            Tip 5: Nifty Things that Can Keep You Cool
                        There are many unique and interesting ways to keep the heat under control.  Using large fans and misting stations can really help your guests escape the temperature for a few moments at a time.  Another option is to pass out “Be Kool”.  “Be Kool” is a soft gel sheet for your guests that brings down body temperatures and lasts about four hours.  Guests can place these on the back of their necks so it can be somewhat discrete and will help cool them off.   Also, a new popular trend for summer weddings is to make your program into a fan.  This way they can see the schedule of the event in a unique and useful way.  Parasols are also another trend in the summer months for weddings.  These parasols can come in many shapes and colors that can match any color and theme of any wedding.  By using any of these techniques, it can turn a 90 degree day into a much cooler one that all your guests will appreciate.

Program Hand-fans can be ordered from: http://www.hand-fan-factory.com
When you look back on your special day, you want to remember happy and fun memories with your friends and family, and not look back to guests who were grumpy and exhausted from the heat.  By being creative and over prepared, you can create a summer wedding that is an unforgettable moment, with unforgettable people, in an unforgettable setting.  


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