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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Uniquely Yours: 2012 Wedding/Engagement Ring Trends

When the love of your life finally proposes, asks your hand in marriage and opens the most important box in a women’s life, what do you imagine and hope to see?  Well whether you desire a traditional or modern ring, 2012 wedding band trends have each style with a unique twist. 
            What’s Your Favorite Color?: Incorporating colored gems alongside a diamond has become a very popular trend that brides are desiring on their engagement and wedding rings.  Muted peaches, pinks and pale blues have been the most trending colors by future brides and have been the most purchased by future grooms.  This piece of jewelry should represent who you are and is a lifetime timeless piece, so make sure the color your fiancé chooses is one you will love forever.  Whatever you desire though, any color can add a unique twist to an incredible diamond ring.

            From the Heart: A way for a bride to have a constant reminder of just how her fiancé feels for her is for a message to be engraved inside the wedding band.  An engraving on a ring has become an even more popular trend in 2012.  Writing a personalized message, an inside joke or maybe even a short statement can be a very unique and romantic way to express your love for one another.

            Black Diamonds: Different & Desirable:   Sophisticated, glamorous and non-traditional all describe a black diamond engagement ring.  Black diamonds have been trending this year and are a great and classy alternative to a white diamond ring.  So if you want something different and timeless, a black diamond might be the perfect stone for your perfect engagement ring. 

            Don’t Forget the Men!:  Traditionally, men have been the ones to give an engagement ring but not receive one.  Although this is trending slowly, we are seeing more and more men wearing an engagement ring or a “man-engagement” ring as well.  Women are starting to desire that their fiancé wear this symbol of love, commitment and a future life with them, and most men are accepting to wear it.  Women have always received this symbol for centuries now, so why can’t we give the men this symbol as well? 
            A fun fact for those that do not know this, there is a reason why we place the wedding ring on the fourth left finger.  The wedding ring is worn here because there is a vein in this finger called the vena amoris that directly connects to the heart.  So since we are placing the symbol of a never ending love and bond on this finger, we want to make sure it is something that represents each of you and the love you have for one another.  Adding personalized touches like a color, the black diamond or a personalized engraving is exactly what will make your ring uniquely yours.  



  1. This would be helpful for people who are finding it hard to find the perfect ring for their special someone. I like the idea of incorporating gemstones alongside the diamond. It would be good to use the gemstone that represents their birthday. For example, people born in January have Garnet as a birthstone. It would add a sense of uniqueness and sentimental value to the ring.

    @Kirby Wampler

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