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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Capturing the Moment: How to Choose a Photographer

Your wedding day is a day you will never forget.  From your dress and the cake to your guests and your very first dance as husband and wife, these memories will last a lifetime.  And even though you will never forget, having photographs will help you relive all the happy moments that you and all of your guests experienced on your special day.  And not only can you relive those memories through photographs, but you will be able to share this incredible day with guests who could not make it and most importantly with your future children and grandchildren.  In order to have these still memories, you will need to hire a professional photographer for your wedding day.  It is very difficult to choose a person that envisions what you envision, so here are some helpful tips in choosing the right photographer for you.

Start Searching as Soon as You Have Picked a Dat
Most professional photographers are booked months to even a year in advance.  Once you have set a date, one of the first things you should do is hire a photographer, especially if you want exquisite photographs.  Researching online, local phone books, bridal expos and getting recommendations from friends and family members can all lead you to finding your perfect photographer.  When researching these photographers, try to find their credentials and if they have been honored, awarded or have any certificates.  If they have not, their photographs or customer experiences have not been on a level that you are expecting.  After finding a couple of photographers you would like to consider, set up meetings with each one to see you who feel is the best choice for you.    

Do You Appreciate Their Style?
Do you dream of your photographs to be unique and daring or traditional and standard?  Your choice of photographer will most likely depend on if you have the same style preference or not.  During your first meeting, ask to see examples of his or her previous work and pay attention to the various elements you should consider.  Look for basics such as colors, clarify, exposure, and composition.  All of these elements will help you decide what exactly you are looking for and if this particular photographer is ideal for your wedding day.

      A Positive Relationship is Important
      Just like in your relationship with your fiancé, you will need to be able to have strong communication, an unbreakable trust, and feel very comfortable with your photographer.  As crazy as it sounds, having all of this will improve the quality of the pictures because of how you will feel while you are being photographed.  If you feel as though your photographer is a stranger, the photographs will not feel natural and you will not be able to express your true self.  Trust is also important because you want to feel secure that they will be there on time and will produce quality pictures that you can cherish forever.  Before you hire your photographer, it is very important to make sure they have media and equipment backup just incase of a technology malfunction.  If you get to know your photographer on a personal basis and they are easily accessible to you and your fiancé, you will be thrilled with the pictures you have always dreamed about. 

      When it comes to any element of your wedding, cost is something you are seriously stressed about, and hiring a photographer is no exception.  Depending on what you are looking for, prices of hiring a photographer can range from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars.  Quality, amount of photos, amount of hours hired and different styles, all go into determining the cost.  When researching different possible photographers, also research the packages they have available and what you will be getting for your money.  Most likely, purchasing a package deal will save you some money and you will receive various sizes and styles of pictures.  Cost is important to almost every engaged couple, so make sure to do your research and that you are getting a quality service worth the price.     

                Hopefully after reading all of these helpful tips, you are ready to research and find your perfect photographer for your lavish day.  Do not be afraid to ask family members and friends for recommendations because they could be the most helpful source.  Capturing the moments that took your breath away will be something you are so grateful for in the future.  Make sure the person behind the camera is a person you trust to make these still memories ones you will be proud to show your children one day.  


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