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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Salmon or Sea Bass

How important is the dinner selection for your wedding?  Much time is spent on planning the details of the day, but especially for your guests, the most important part of the day is dinner.  Planning the right selection of hors d’oeuvres and number of courses in the meal will have guests offering accolades.

I have met two couples in the past week that have complained about the food at their wedding. You don’t want that to be you. And after all of your hard work you don’t want your guests walking away hungry, or talking about the dry chicken! 

Here are some noteworthy thoughts to ponder upon while making food selections:

Know your guests:
You may be a foodie, but are your guests?  If you want to showcase the talents of your Rock Star chef make sure to balance the meal.  Offer some trendy palette teaser for appetizers, but you may consider keeping the entrée basic.

Menu Matters:
Spend time with your catering manager to discuss your tasting.  Select items that are in your wedding package, but do not be afraid to ask the chef to be creative.  Never arrive hungry to a tasting.  You will not be able to judge the food for its taste and quality if you are starving. Once the food arrives at your table, give it few minutes before you take a bite.  This will allow you to better understand how the food will taste if it is served during a large dinner service.

Not Happy:
If you are not happy with the quality or presentation, try again, and try until you are happy.  It is your big day, and you want to make sure that your celebration dinner is truly something to celebrate.  You want your guests to enjoy the food, as much as you did at the tasting.  Your catering manager wants to make sure that you are happy, and will be accommodating within reason. 

Teen or Children Meals:
Don’t forget the younger guests at your reception.  They may not care for the lavish artistic meal presentation, but would be satisfied with a less “foofooie” dish.  Do a plan a course for them that is similar to the selection you are offering your adult guests.

Offering a meal choice:
Letting your guests choose between the salmon and steak? This will certainly create more work for you in the tracking of the RSVPs to correctly count the meal selections being made by your guests.  Keep in mind that your guests have selected their meals 6 weeks in advance, and may not even remember their choice on the day of the event.  Some venues may offer “at time service,” which will allow guests to choose their selection once they are seated in the ballroom.  This is the easiest choice for pleasing your guests, but it will most likely cost more.

As you make the final selection of your royal feast, be sure to take pictures of the plates you have chosen.  Do share with your catering manager special notes or comments made during the tasting.  Have all your special requests, temperature preferences and presentation choices written in detail so that the catering manager and the culinary staff are aware of your requests.  Once you have enjoyed your culinary experience be prepared to work it all off on the dance floor.

Happy Feast!!!

BBFN (Bridal Bliss for Now),

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