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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Involving your Bridesmaids

Your engagement has been announced, you are in wedding bliss, the wedding date is sort of picked out and now is the time to pick your entourage.  The tradition began in ancient times, bridesmaids were used as decoys to confuse evil sprits wanting to harm the bridal couple. The role has evolved into their modern day role as the brides’ assistants.  As a bride-to-be, your “Girls” will play a key support role in planning your wedding.

A wedding is a production of many details.  As the producer and director of this big day, an organized bride with clear direction will be much appreciated.  Beyond selecting the bridesmaids’ dresses, partying at your bachelorette party, and dancing with groomsmen, there are few “bridesmaid duties” that can be delegated to your helpful bridal party.

Calling upon Venues
List a few venues for your bridesmaid to call.  Have her check on the availability of the date, space and wedding packages.  As a bride you may be interested in as many as 30 venues. This will alleviate the overwhelming pressure of countless calls.

Bridal Shows
Designate one of your bridesmaids to register you for bridal shows, special events or special offers.  Set up a “Couple’s Wedding Email” address so that all the information can be directed to your wedding inbox. 

Favor Party
Have a bridesmaid troll websites looking for trendy favor ideas.  Have her email you pictures or website links to view these products.  Have her organize a “Favor Party” if you select a product that may require personalization.

Bridesmaids can execute administrative duties by creating a “Rehearsal Packet” for the bridal party.  The packet should include information such as the timeline, photo schedule, when and where they need to be. This information can be organized and emailed to the bridal party.  A copy should also be made for distribution at the ceremony rehearsal.

Out of town guests
One of your bridesmaids can organize “Things to do in our Town” information for your out of town guests. Information can include places of special interest, popular restaurants, shopping malls, transportation and contact information in case of any emergency.

Most venues will set up your placecards on the day of the wedding.  Have a bridesmaid cross check your master guest list against the placecards.  Once they are double checked, place them in alphabetical order, and have a box ready for delivery to the venue.  Do not forget to include you master guest list.

Your bridal party is there to assist you with your wedding day.  It is an honor for them to be part of your special guests.  They understand that you may reach out to them beyond just planning bridal showers and the bachelorette party.   Go ahead, get them involved, you will be pleasantly surprised how much support they can lend to their bride and her big day.

BBFN  (Bridal Bliss for Now)

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