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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Capturing the Moment: Choosing a Videographer

            Capturing every single moment of your big day will be something you will appreciate in the future.  Hiring a videographer will not only help you see what your day was like but they will also capture the moments that you had not noticed during your wedding day.  From taping everyone’s emotions during the special moments, to having loved ones express their joy and share their hopes and dreams for you as a couple, a videographer will create a video that you will treasure for the rest of your lives.  This video is a timeless item that you will be able to share with those who could not attend and most importantly to your children and to generations after.  This is your Cinderella story, so make sure to hire someone who shares the same vision and someone who is just as passionate about capturing the moments that you will never forget.  In order to find the right videographer for you, we have created a couple tips to have when choosing this person for your wedding day. 

Tip #1:  How to Search for a Videographer
            First things first, start as early as possible when searching for the right videographer for you.  Set up meetings and hire far in advance, because they usually are booked for months to even a year ahead.  For the actual searching process, we recommend that you turn to your friends and family for recommendations and advice.  These individuals know you the best and will know if they have a good match for you or not.  Other various ways to search are through internet research, looking through magazines or attending Bridal Expos.  Make sure to set up meetings with various videographers right away because you never know if you will have a match or not with the first or even second appointment. 

Tip #2: Experience is Key
            Knowledge and experience will be the most important factors to look at when meeting with a videographer.  You want someone who knows everything there is to know about the equipment, editing, your venue, and has created a video for weddings many times before.  If you want something absolutely breathtaking, professional and well edited, do not hire someone who is not experienced.  One more tip would be to look at their physical appearance.  If they take the time when it comes to their appearance, this might indicate that they take their time with creating videos and care what it will look like.  We have created a list of questions to ask during your initial meetings so you will be prepared to know if this person is a perfect match or not.
1.      May I see an example(s) of past videos you have done?
2.      After meeting us, what is your vision for creating this video?
3.      Do you have any creative recommendations?
4.      How many years do you have of experience?
5.      Can you tell me something about the equipment and how many cameras will you be using?
6.      Do you have someone else assisting you?
7.      Do you have back-up equipment and DVD’s?
8.      Have you ever been to our venue or not?  If not will you be visiting the venue in advance to gain ideas?

Tip #3: Style/Creativity and Artistry
            When you watch this video and look back on your day, do you want a straight forward boring video without any effects or creativity?  Or would you like to see various clips, stills, colors and have a possible theme to the video?  Well when paying as much as you are for a videographer, it is important to not only get a video that is worth that amount but to also have a video that’s fits your style and is something that is creatively put together and entertaining.  This is where experience is extremely important.   During your interview, the videographer should ask questions about your vision and who you are as a couple.  A great videographer will want to match how he captures and edits your video to fit your needs and wants while incorporating his own personal style.  We have put together a list of things to pay attention to when watching an example of a past video that he/she has created and be sure to ask multiple questions.
1.      Look for their emotional style and if it fits perfectly with yours. 
2.      Look at important filming elements such as lighting, angles, close-ups, and if it is a good quality image in high definition. 
3.      Also, look at important editing elements such as an incorporation of colors, black and white additions, stills, live video, titles, songs and if it flows all together.
4.      Ask if they can customize it to your exact wishes.  An example of this is adding short clips of your loved ones saying their best wishes and any advice they might have. 
5.      Will they have the option for multi-camera coverage?  And if so, will it cost you more?

Tip #4: Pricing and Packages Available
            The amount of money you are willing to spend on the videographer all depends on the quality of video you would like to receive.  As you can tell from all the various questions, there are a lot of important elements to consider when choosing your videographer.  Make sure to research, research and research different packages available and compare prices for what you will get for the amount of money you are willing to spend.  You want a package that describes exactly what you would like to see on your video and that you are also receiving a videographer that is completely professional with every aspect when he is creating his masterpiece.  One piece of advice we could give is always ask multiple questions and make sure you know exactly what you are getting.  Also, make sure to determine ahead of time how many hours you would like to be filmed so you can determine the amount of time in your contract.  Signing a contract is key when it comes to hiring a videographer in order to ensure you are getting exactly what was agreed upon for the price.  To most, this video is a vital part to capturing every detail of one of the best days in someone’s life, so make sure it is something in the end that you will be pleased with. 

A videographer can capture every important moment of your wedding day as it is happening.  From getting a close up of the bride and groom saying their vows to one another, to capturing the tears from the mother’s eyes when they say I do.  Seeing the emotions of yourself and your loved ones will really show you just how much you are loved and how truly important your union together is to those sharing this day with you.  This video is a precious keepsake, so make sure you are hiring a videographer that cares about this as much as you do.  

BBFN (Bridal Bliss For Now),

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