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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

          So you have the perfect man; the man you want to spend the rest of your life with, and you know the question is going to pop up soon!  The question is, have you thought about or hinted to what ring you would like to wear for the rest of your life?  We are counting down the Top 10 2014 popular engagement ring trends to help spark an idea on what fits perfectly to who you are!
1.       The Cushion-Cut
The Cushion cut is a beautiful soft rounded-edge cut diamond that seems to be grabbing the attention of women everywhere!  This beautiful yet simple ring is absolutely romantic, and we think it is brilliant for any bride-to-be!

2.       The Halo
The charming and stunning Halo Cut will be trending for years to come!  Not only does the center diamond appear larger thanks to the smaller diamonds surrounding it, but it adds sparkle that no one will be able to look away from!  It is absolutely breathtaking and is something for everyone to awe over!

3.       Yellow/Rose Gold
While platinum/silver has seemed to be the most popular choice by women in recent years, the yellow and rose gold bands seem to be making a comeback.  With gold jewelry on the rise, brides want their ring to match this trend as well!  It is very original and you can be the trend-setter for choosing the yellow or rose gold band! 

4.       The Emerald Cut
For you Vintage brides, the Emerald Cut could be the perfect style of ring for you!  With the rectangular shape, you can go in basically any direction with the style of band.  The Emerald Cut is completely versatile and captures a timeless beauty. 

5.       The East-West Cut
Do you want something different than all the rest?  Well the East-West cut could be the perfect fit for you!  This style not only creates a unique engagement ring, but it makes it appear to be a larger stone!  We are in love with this trend and think it is absolutely gorgeous!

6.       Art Deco
Another style that is unique yet gaining popularity, it the Art Deco Cut.  Celebrities like Ashlee Simpson and Scarlett Johansson are really bringing this trend to life!  It is absolutely breathtaking and no ring looks exactly the same depending on how your fiancé styles it!  This would be another ring perfect for you Vintage Brides! 

7.       Adding Color
This has been around for quite some time, but we believe it will continue and grow in 2014! This is a beautiful and unique way to customize your ring to really show your personality!  Yellows, pinks, blues and greens seem to be the trending colors right now, and we could not be more excited about it!

8.       Multiple Metals
Brides are not just set-in-stone on just choosing one type of metal on their engagement rings- many are choosing two and even more!  The most popular combination this year is white gold and rose gold.  This ring creates a unique effect that makes it far more versatile, so you’ll have an easier time matching it to your other jewelry!

9.       Personalize By Engraving
With your one-of-a-kind relationship, don’t you want to capture this by making your ring one-of-a-kind as well?  Well by personalizing your ring by engraving it, it can be completely yours.  Whether it’s “I Love You”, the date of your marriage, or an inside joke, it truly makes it special and something of your very own that you can appreciate forever!

10.   Round Diamond With Cushion Shaped Halo
Last but not least, we are combining three of the trends into one ring!  This beautiful look is becoming more and more popular and seems to be the ring-of-choice with most brides this year!  At our recent Bridal Expo, we looked at every Bride-to-be’s ring and saw this most often.  We think it is absolutely magnificent and will capture anyone’s attention!



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