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Thursday, July 3, 2014

How to Write A Maid-Of-Honor Speech In 10 Easy Steps

                The moment you receive the exciting news that you have been chosen to be the Maid-Of-Honor, you are filled with so many happy emotions!  There are a lot of duties as a Maid-of-Honor that every girl looks forward to… helping choose her perfect dress, cake tastings, food tastings, helping her down the aisle and just being her emotional and supportive rock.  With this being said, there is an element of being the Maid-of-Honor that most are nervous about, and maybe even dread… The Maid-of-Honor Speech.  There is a lot of pressure that comes along with preparing and giving this speech, and I am here to make the process a lot easier!  Follow these 10 Easy Steps, and you will be writing a speech that you will be proud of, and one that might even bring a tear to the Bride & Groom!

1.       Do Not, I Repeat, Do Not Procrastinate

I know as the Maid-of-Honor you are busy with all of your fun and not-so-fun duties.  The Bride is counting on you to help her in every way possible, but she is also counting on you to write a meaningful and memorable speech.  With this being said… although you are busy, do not put off writing the speech until the week, or even the day before.  Trust me, when you have more time on your hands, the words will come together beautifully!     

2.       Know Your Audience

Knowing your Audience can be difficult, yet it is important to know the demographics of who you are speaking to.   Asking the Bride & Groom can be a great resource to review you on who will be attending the wedding, and what the best style of speech they would recommend.  Say your audience is mostly above the age of 50 and they are more of a serious group.  I would not recommend telling a lot of jokes, and I definitely wouldn’t recommend talking about those “good old college days”.  Knowing your audience will not only bring you a sense of comfort, but it will also help create a speech that the guests will appreciate.  

3.       Keep It Short & Sweet

Unfortunately, we see this mistake all of the time.  The Maid-of-Honor’s Speech is way too long, and you can tell she has lost the audience.  There is not a need to tell every moment you two had together...  You are standing there as the Maid-of-Honor, they all know how close you are.  So make it short and sweet and try to keep it at the most 2 to 3 minutes!

4.       Take This Seriously

Your Best Friend/Sister/Cousin/etc. has put you in this position because they trust you to take this speech seriously.  Be completely mature about the whole thing, and remember who is counting on you.  Although it may seem like a quick little speech, it is something the Bride is really looking forward to!

5.       Start with a Story

Starting with a quick story will set the mood for the rest of your speech.  If you would like your speech to be upbeat and funny, start with a silly (and appropriate) story of you and the Bride.  If you want the speech to be emotional, start with one that maybe brought you both together or a moment where you truly bonded.  Whatever this story may be, remember your audience, and make sure that it is one the couple will truly enjoy. 

6.       Go Down Memory Lane

Included with your initial story, also tell another story of a funny and/or touching moment you had with the Bride or with the couple.  This could be childhood memories, how you first met, when they first met, or a time you spent with both of them together.  Make it one that will touch their hearts and possibly make them laugh.  Whatever it is, make it a memory that they will appreciate reminiscing with you and their guests. 

7.       Why They’re Meant To Be

This is critical to any Maid-of-Honor Speech.  Letting them know what you see in both of them and how it makes them perfect together, can truly be a tear jerker.  This could be a story on how they met, a story on how they act together,  or maybe even the time that she came to you and told you he was the one.  Validating that they belong together is a beautiful moment for the couple and for your audience.

8.       Stay Calm, Cool & Collected 

Although you may feel a lot of pressure to deliver the perfect speech, just remember… there is no such thing as a perfect speech!  All you need to remember is to express your emotions, let them know how much they mean to you, and hey, if you’re confident in your humor, throw in a good joke or two.  Whatever your style may be, just stay calm, cool & collected, and know that the Bride has given you this position, which means she completely believes in you!

9.       Practice, Practice, Practice!

You may feel confident in your speaking abilities… or you may not… either way, practice is key!  Standing in front of a mirror, or speaking to your family/friends beforehand, will help tremendously, and can only boost your confidence!  If you have gone over it many times and still don’t seem to have grasped it completely, it doesn’t hurt to make notecards.  Notecards can be there for you as an outline and help guide you throughout your speech!  Whatever your style may be, practicing will go a long way, and you’ll be glad you did

10.   Most Importantly… Be Yourself!

The Bride loves you for who you are; so remember when writing and presenting your speech to be your complete self!  This is the most important advice I can give you when writing and giving your Maid-of-Honor speech… Give it your all and have it come from your big heart!  If you at least follow this step, I promise, it will come together perfectly!

BBFN (Bridal Bliss For Now),

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