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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

How To Show Your Appreciation: Gift Ideas For Your Bridesmaids

               Your Bridesmaids have all said yes to be a part of your special day.  They have been there by your side every step of the way leading up to your Wedding.  So to return the favor, you want to show them how thankful you are for all of their love, support and guidance they have given you the last few months or so…. But what do you get them?  Are you stumped on what would be the perfect gift?  Well I have listed out a few categories and ideas that I feel your Bridesmaids will absolutely love and even better, they can actually use! 
The “Day Of” Gifts
These gifts are for your Bridesmaids to use on the day of your Wedding.  This will not only save them time and money, but it can also help them coordinate with one another. 
·         Matching Nail Polish
·         Jewelry
·         Gift Card to Spa/Hair Dresser that you may be using that day
·         Sewing Kit
·         Fashion Tape
·         Matching Clutches
·         Customized Clothing (Robe, Tank, Sweats) that all say Bridesmaids
·         Mints
·         Advil
·         Makeup/Makeup Bag

Prepare Her for Your Destination Wedding
Are you planning a Destination Wedding?  Well a great idea for a Bridesmaid’s gift is one that would help make traveling a lot easier for them!  Even better… Put it all into a carry-on bag
·         Magazines or Their Favorite Book for the Flight
·         Headset
·         Neck Pillow
·         Tickets to a Show/Sporting Event or a Gift Card to a Restaurant at your Wedding location
·         A List of Restaurants, Things to Do, Places to See
·         A Customized Luggage Tag for their Luggage 
·         Camera

Pamper Her
Every girl appreciates a good pampering.  After all of the stress she has endured during the planning of your wedding, she would really appreciate a relaxing day to her self.  
·         Silk Pajamas/Robe
·         Monogrammed Towels
·         Slippers
·         Gift Certificate to a Local Spa or Boutique
·         Makeup/Makeup Bag
·         Lotions
·         Her Favorite Color Nail Polish
·         Facial Masks
·         Perfume

All of Her Favorite Things
If she is one of your bridesmaids, then I would assume you know her pretty well.  By customizing each gift for your Bridesmaids, it will give it a personal touch that they will truly appreciate.
·       Fitness Lover: Personalized Sweats, Gift Certificate for Personal Training/Class, Yoga Mat, Light Weights, Water Bottle, Hair Bands
·       Loves to Cook: Recipe Book, Personalized Apron, Small Cooking Appliances, Colorful Colander, Cookie Cutters
·       Gardener: Gardening Tools, Small Plant, Gift Certificate to Local Gardening Center, Seeds, Pale
·       Movie Buff: Tickets to a Local Movie Theater, Her Favorite DVD, Popcorn, Candy

Wine & Dine Her
What better way to make your Bridesmaid feel appreciated then to wine & dine her!  Here a few ideas to make her feel special! 
·         Her Favorite Bottle of Bubbly
·         Sample Cheeses
·         Wine Club Membership
·         Gift Certificate to her Favorite Restaurant
·         Wine Bottle Opener
·         Chocolates
·         Gift Certificate to a Winery
·         Customized Wine Glass

After you create your perfect gifts for each of your Bridesmaids, there is one more touch that needs to be added!  I highly recommend writing a personalized letter to each and every one of them, stating how thankful you are to have them in your life and by your side throughout the Wedding process.  This not only shows your appreciation, but it also adds a personal and loving touch! 

BBFN (Bridal Bliss For Now),

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