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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Trending Bouquets and Creating Your Very Own

     Walking down the aisle is the moment you have waited for your whole life.  Everyone’s eyes are on you and the stunning gown that you have had chosen for maybe months or years in advance.  But what do you have in your hands?  Is it a bright arrangement of flowers in multiple different colors?  Could it be a bouquet of monochromatic red roses?  Or maybe it’s a mixture of flowers, jewels and feathers?  You will be showcasing this bouquet down the aisle and it is very important to stay true to the theme while adding your own personal touches.   We have been noticing trending styles of bouquets this year and are happy to see brides keeping tradition, yet adding their very own modern and personalized touches.   
The Bright and Bold Bouquet
                Are you a fun and playful bride that wants her bouquet to really stand out against her white dress?  If this sounds like you, than bright and bold is the way to go.  This year especially, brides are breaking free of the traditional red and white flowers and are going for bright and intense colors.  Examples of these trendy colors are hot pink, lime green, bright orange and yellow.  If you want your wedding day to be fun, unique and dazzling, than combining these fabulous colors in a creative way will be sure to capture that.   


Soft Romantic Bouquet
                For you hopeless romantics that love the feel of a traditional wedding with a lush bouquet of red roses, white lilacs or orchids, than do not be discouraged because this style is still trending in the year 2012.  We are seeing a lot of these flowers in beautiful maroons, red, dark purples, whites and creams.  These flowers and colors are so elegant and so soft that this trend will always be around for brides to choose from.  The traditional bouquet of red roses can still be modernized by possibly adding a couple of jewels or a few branches to give it a little twist. 

Jeweled Bouquets
                Glamour, sparkle and bling all describe this year’s recent trend.  Depending on your personality and your theme, you could create a bouquet that has a few jewels to a bouquet made of all jewels and broaches.  Vintage weddings have been on the rise this year and we have been seeing some very unique bouquets without any flowers and are made up of pearls, broaches, gems and jewels.  Add personal and meaningful touches by incorporating your mothers or grandmothers broaches or by incorporating earrings that were first given to you by your fiancé.  Who would have known that our bouquets would have gone from all flowers to all jewels?  But whoever came up with this trend is a genius and it looks absolutely stunning for a vintage themed wedding.   

Textural Bouquets
                If your dress is simple and elegant do not be afraid to branch out there and hold a bright and textural bouquet that will really pop in your wedding photos.  Depending on your theme and color scheme, you can incorporate many unique and magnificent details to your bridal bouquet.  Examples we have been seeing this year are the use of branches, bows, jewels, buttons, feathers, fruits and ferns.  The mixture of flowers and one or two of these objects will really catch everyone’s attention and will make you different from all the rest.

Vintage Colored Bouquets
                Like we said before, vintage weddings and bouquets are on the rise in the year 2012.  We can’t help but love the mixture of the elegance, grace, beautiful colors and the uniqueness of this theme.  If you are looking for a vintage feel yet do not want to create an all jeweled bouquet, we have some colors and ideas to incorporate into your bouquet to still get that wonderful vibe.  We recommend staying with the pale tones such as light pink, lavender, ivory and cream when it comes to your color choices.  Hydrangeas, peonies and gardenias are excellent flower choices for the vintage era themed wedding.  Also, incorporating touches of pearls, lace, broaches and stems can help make the look stand out and become absolutely unique. 

                Your dress, hair, makeup and shoes are all important when it comes to your wedding look.  But once you place your unique bouquet in your hands, it just completes everything.  While walking down the aisle, you will be showing off something that you have created and something that has your personal touches as well.  Don’t be afraid to explore options and make it your very own.  2012 is about standing out from the rest and showing off your style, and you can show this through your bridal bouquet.      


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