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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A New Trend That is Quite Old

            By looking back into the past, brides have been able to have a beautiful and unique wedding that everyone will remember.  A Modern Vintage theme has become very popular over the years and we can definitely see why.  By the use of old antique furniture and dishware, neutral colors with a pop of a brighter color, vintage stationary for invitations, and old frames for a table number or menu holder, vintage weddings become very intimate and is something anyone can appreciate.  Here are some ideas we have found to make any Vintage theme wedding intimate, unique and most of all romantic. 

Colors & Fabrics: When you think of a wedding, you probably do not think of using burlap as one of your primary fabrics… think again.  By combining burlap and lace, a wedding will immediately give off a vintage vibe.  The definition of a vintage wedding is the use of lace, lace, and even more lace.  From the gown, to the table settings, to the bridesmaid’s dresses, the use of neutral tones and lace screams classic chic.  Suggested colors for this theme are peaches, nudes, grays, and always incorporate a pop of color to give it a modern twist. 

Decorations: By using timeless pieces, brides can make their wedding day classic yet fresh and modern.  Make a statement by using old antique furniture and dishware as decorations.  This not only increases the feeling of the theme but can also help the budget.  Use old furniture such as doors for backdrops, or dressers and desks as a place card table.  Using older plates and glassware for table settings, definitely gives off a vintage vibe.  Older frames as menu or table number holders can really add an old-rustic look.  Lighting is also very critical to get this look right.  Dramatic lighting and shadows are necessary and can be shown in a vintage way by the use of mason jars with candles, lights hanging and candlelight just about everywhere.  Look around an antique store or even your grandparent’s house and you just might find something inspiring for your big day. 

By simply adding a few select details, your special day will have a retro feel and will create a day that is truly unique.  Also, do not forget to capture your day with stunning photography that includes stills that are in black and white.  Today’s Vintage themed weddings have a very romantic and intimate vibe with a twist of modern to it.  There is nothing more classic than looking into the past and bringing it out in a modern and unique way.  


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