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Friday, August 17, 2012

The Color Palette to Inspire All of Our 2013 Brides!

To All the Newly Engaged Couples!

Congratulations! Now it is time to stop looking at your beautiful ring on your finger, and start planning! The wedding planning literally process starts at yes

Now I know that as a young girl, or from attending the vast amount of friends and family weddings you've given yourself a foundation of how you might want your wedding to be - but we all know that as we grow older that image we all have been so focused on changes as style, colors, and fashion continue to be recycled and influence our daily life. That being said, as we wind up the summer weddings, we begin to look at whats to come next year.

I am pleased to announce that next years color palette begins with Crimson Orange/Red paired with a beautiful Deep Bright Royal Blue. With these color influences, your wedding will be as bright and beautiful as any South Asian Wedding can be. Now I know these colors are bold and bright, but don't be afraid of mixing with a softer palette of accents, from your flowers to your shoes and even your lipstick! A hint of any color can change the atmosphere creating it to be just as beautiful and personalized as you imagined it to be. By adding a beautiful bold purple, or softening it up with Rose Gold, and Light Soft Blue can inspire that Bride within you to come up with something fresh and new, and completely you.

Source: StyleMePretty.com
Source: Pintrest

According to the Head of our Design Studio here at Oliveaire - softer palettes mixed with a bright tone from bridesmaid dresses to wedding decor is what all brides are asking for next year. Soften the palette with a deeper purple or rose gold and a soft beautiful pink can make and enhance the night away in the same way.

Source: IndianWeddingSite.com
Source: IndianWeddingSite.com

There is so much you can do with your focus on this color to make it a fresh hint of just everything to tie your wedding together - even by making a signature drink out of it. As the fashion industry recycles, you’ll find the vintage trend become the trend to keep your eye out for. Checking out what Madhuri Dixit wore in one of her old films and making it modern might be what to look for next year as you Royal Maharanis plan your wedding. Color can truly define the atmosphere of your wedding, but choose a color that is you and one that is versatile. Anything you choose will be beautiful, because that day is all about you, my brides.


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