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Friday, March 22, 2013

Choosing a Centerpiece

Your flowers will be a sizable investment on your wedding day.   Your guests will admire your flowers at the ceremony, but most of all at the reception.  Your reception centerpiece can capture your guests’ attention, with interesting details and beautifully placed flowers. And from experience, we highly recommend to have some sort of florals on the placecard table as well as some accented touches on the high boys and cocktails rounds. And don’t forget the most important area, the sweet heart table on the stage!  Here are some thoughts on designing trendy and creative centerpiece that will captivate your guests:

Collection of Vases

A popular design, as well as budget friendly.  Using a collection of cylinder or square vases of varying heights will give the table dimension.  A monochromatic color palette will give you a sleek contemporary look.

Wrapped Vases

If colored vases are not offered by your florist, choose to wrap them in eye-catching fabrics.  A thick border ribbon, crystal ropes or layering with shimmer paper stock will highlight texture in an otherwise flat vase.


Nothing sets the mood like candles.  Setting pillar candles in a mosaic candle holder, or floating candles in crystal dishes, can accessorize your table.  If possible, use colored votive holders that will match your event color palette.

Potted Plants and Herbs

Beautiful and earth friendly.  This aromatic display of greens can easily be incorporated into any design.  The best part is that the guests can take them home to enjoy and reminisce about your wedding day.


As it is at any event, the lights in the room will be dimmed.  This is most certainly going to give you romantic ambiance.  But it is a deterrent to your centerpiece.  Add an illumination box that can uplight your centerpiece, from the bottom up.  If your budget allows, definitely pin spot, at a minimum, your high centerpieces.  After all, it is the crown jewel of the evening.

Your personal touch will brand your centerpiece.  Exquisite details will certainly keep your guests raving about your flowers.  We hope you will take more chances with your centerpieces, we are always inspired by out of the box design ideas.

BBFN (Bridal Bliss for Now),

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