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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Blending Cultures

So what is this fixation upon Bollywood-style and other exotic weddings?  First and foremost it is the opportunity to do something different and daring.  The rituals, Indian music, vibrant shades of orange and red, beautiful saris and the tradition of henna-painted hands, etc. add an element of spice to a well-worn formula, a bit like ethnic food and music would to our daily lives.  Chicago has always been ahead of the times when it comes to a cultural twist on events.  Take a stroll down Devon St. and see all the beautiful
Indian & Pakistani Influences.

Here are some style tips if you would like to add a cultural Indian influence to your wedding event:

Style Tip 1       
Using Metallics in your invitation adds unexpected sparkle, and sets the tone for your magical day.

Style Tip 2
Get creative with your centerpieces.  Cultural weddings are amazingly colorful events.  A floral elephant is a work of art that people will be talking about for months.

Style Tip 3
Use crystal and jeweled accents in your décor to instantly add glam to any room and transport your guests to a faraway place.

Style Tip 4
Pick a colorful sari if you are comfortable wearing one, the colors are limitless.  If not embellishments such as a colored sash, or ruffles and flowers on your traditional wedding dress count can really add an exciting element to your event.

Style Tip 5
Snake jewelry is not only a must-have fashion trend, but also worn for good luck and good health. 
Perhaps, there is an underlying myth that these culturally rich marriages are more stable because non-western cultures have superior family values.  In any case Bollywood inspired weddings have enormous crossover appeal into our western society, and it is easy to add an element of rich culture to your wedding if you desire.  

The most important element to remember; a Bollywood theme has one aim and objective, and that is fun! Find some great entertainment and go out there and have fun with your culturally infused ideas.  

Bridal Bliss For Now (BBFN),

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