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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Modern Day Mandap: How to Personalize it

What do you imagine standing under while taking your vows to your future Husband/Pati?  Do you see crystals?  Or maybe flowing drapes with floral elements?  When it comes to the modern day Mandap, there is not a set of rules Indian brides are following anymore.  Sure you want to follow some of the traditions of the Mandap, like what it symbolizes for instance, but you also want to make sure it symbolizes who you are as a couple.  Maybe you want your wedding to be clean cut and extremely modern and go towards a crystallized Mandap.  Or you want a romantic and whimsical feel and want to go with a fabric Mandap.  The Mandap is one of the most important ingredients of every Indian wedding ceremony, so make sure the Mandap you choose fits who you are and the style you want to accomplish during your big day.

Decorating Your Mandap:
Cultural traditions are very important when it comes to decorating the Mandap.  Traditional Mandaps are usually made of wood, have four pillars, and are decorated using kalashes, garlands of mango leaves, coconuts and banana leaves.  Also, traditional colors in the past have been more in the red and yellow families.  But with today’s modern Indian bride, she tends to go a more modern route while incorporating traditional elements as well.  From past events we have worked on, Mandaps have come in every shape, size, color and material you can imagine.  The below photos show some examples of different types of Mandaps we have done in the past.  The photo on the left incorporates the traditional colors and shape of a Mandap but also has the floral and fabric elements that give it a modern twist.  The middle photo really shows how to turn a traditional Mandap into a classy and whimsical one that truly showed the bride’s personality.  The blue fabric is something we are seeing more and more of lately, and the addition of the flowers and chandelier truly make this Mandap one of a kind.  And last but not least, one of the most unique Mandaps we have had, is the last photo on the right.  From the use of just crystals, the up lighting, the three pillars and the shape, all make this Mandap different from the rest.  Today’s Indian brides are not afraid to make a bold and modern statement when it comes to the centerpiece of the ceremony, and all examples definitely look sensational.        

The Mandap is a sacred place where all the rituals take place and is where the couple takes a vow to be together as one.  When it comes to choosing the style of Mandap you would like, make sure to choose carefully and make sure it is exactly what you would like.  The Mandap is in the center of all the activities on your special day, so remember to have it represent who you are as a couple and the love you have for one another.  Just most importantly remember there are no limits when it comes to decorating your Mandap, be as modern and out there or be as traditional and conservative as you would like, after all it’s your big day.  

Bridal Bliss for Now (BBFN),

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